How Your Body Reacts After Drinking Sugary Fruit Juice

According to the USDA, you should include 2 cups of fruits in your diet daily to ensure that you are getting your vitamins and antioxidants right. And, it is true that 1 cup of fruit juice gives you the same benefits as eating a whole fruit. In the hustle and bustle of life, you always find it to difficult to prepare and extract the fresh juices. Hence, you conveniently reach out for those temptingly packed juices that adorn the shelves of supermarkets.

And, most of you do this thinking that these are healthy additions to your diet. But wait! You were wrong. Studies now reveal that these sugar-rich fruit juices impact your body more negatively than aerated drinks. Shocked? Just check out what these juices do to your body.

bottled fruit juice

Only the initial 10 minutes give you the good news when you have these juices. The sugar you find your fruit juices stimulate the release of “feel good” hormones, leaving you happy and calm. But since the brain is not aware of the source of sugar, it just goes ahead with its serotonin secretion. Facts reveal that 8 oz of Tropicana Pure Premium Original Orange Juice contains 22 grams of sugar, while an 8 oz Coca Cola can contains 28 grams. The interesting fact here is that while the former yields about 110 calories, the latter one gives you 100 calories.

Just beware of the total calories you are consuming in the pretext of drinking so called healthy drinks. Sugar, in fact, triggers a vicious cycle of reward, craving, and withdrawal, tempting you to reach out for another cup.

Move ahead by 10 more minutes and your blood sugar starts rising up! While the maximum recommended daily intake of sugar is 37.5 grams for men and 25 grams for women, one cup of juice yields close to this value.

Simple carbohydrates such as sugars found in fruits are quick energy rendering agents. When your bloodstream comes into contact with such a huge dose of sugar suddenly, the sugar levels and insulin spike. While this instant energy spur could seem to be fabulous, it impacts the functioning of the liver in the long run.

So, if you want to include fruit in your diet, eat whole fruits. According to Brigitte Zeitlin, MPH, RD, CDN, “Your liver turns any excess sugar intake into triglycerides that get stored in fat cells throughout the body.” This leads to insulin resistance, putting you at a higher risk of obesity and diabetes. It could also lead to various cardiac ailments and feminine disorders like PCOS.

fruit Juice

Sugar-rich fruit juices trigger the kevels of your feel good chemicals, dopamine. 40 minutes into your first sip…. Your mood starts spiraling down slowly. The waves of happiness that once swept you over and left your exhilarated now start calming down. As mentioned above, it is a continuous process. But the brain and your body remains unprepared for this unexpected crash.

Once that so called high subsides, you automatically have the tendency to eat more. That is why studies tell you that people who drink fruit juice are more prone to overeating than fruit eaters.

Fruit juices contain zero fiber and nutrients, but are packed with sugar. This is why people who drink juices hardly feel full and crave for more food after 40 minutes of completing their glass.

Plus, lack of dietary fiber could also up the risk of cholesterol, heart diseases, irregular bowel movement, obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Studies even reveal that intake of fruit juices ups the risk of type 2 diabetes, while whole fruits actually cut down the risk.

You start experiencing withdrawal symptoms as the sugar stops its dance, which happens roughly around one hour. You will feel hungry and irritated. In the long run, this leads to anxiety, stress, depression, unwanted anger, restlessness, fatigue, headaches, moodiness, and insomnia.

In short, fruits juices that come packed in those attractive cases do more harm than good. They are packed with sugar and has zero nutritional value. Plus, these fruit juices contain lots of added preservatives and additives that are not good for your health.

It is now time you start thinking… Do not lured away by those tempting ads….Include whole fruit and live longer and healthier! Share your thoughts with me in the comments!