How To Get Rid of Bad Odor In Books

Books are said to be a person’s best friend that can help him in dealing with loneliness, negativity and stress in life. Well, not to go in that discussion but arguably that’s why books are the treasured possessions like life which are passed on to new generations. Many of the libraries have books that are many decades old. But that doesn’t diminish the power of that knowledge that is stored in that book. Everything about an old book is nostalgia generating but one thing that can’t be tolerated about these old books is the strange odor that they develop. That strange and unbearable odor makes it really difficult to fully concentrate on the text written on the book. Here are a few tips that can be used to eliminate the odor that a treasured old book has.

livre ancien ouvert en évantail

Do the charcoal treatment do remove the book odor: Charcoal is a well known absorbent material that can absorb solid, liquid as well gaseous particles. The odor from the books can be almost finished by doing the charcoal treatment. In this method, you have to place a few charcoal pieces in a plastic container. Then you have to put the book at the top of the charcoal pieces before tightly closing the lid of the container. You have to leave the container unopened for up to a week depending upon the extent of the odor. Making the usage of activated charcoal is highly recommended.

Dry the book by placing it in the sun for few hours: Many the times the book paper and the outer covering of the book absorbs moisture due to which the paper starts to rot very slowly. If you own a book that has a rusty or mushy smell then you can try keeping the book out in the sun for a few hours so that the moisture gets lost. However, the book shouldn’t be kept in direct sunlight. Instead you should keep the book in some shady but warm place under the sun to let the moisture evaporate.

Cloth softening powder helps in removing book smell too: The cloth softening material is available in powdered form in the market. This fragrant powdered material can be used for removing the unbearable odor from old books easily. You have to keep the book enclosed in a plastic pouch and then add a few spoonfuls of fabric softening material into that pouch. The pouch should be sealed tightly and left for two days. The book will smell very fresh and fragrant after this odor removing therapy.

Treat the book with acid solution with a little hard work: The old books get oxidized with time due to the contact with air, moisture, ozone etc. This makes the book’s pages brittle and yellow. The rusty odor developed by the book is also due to the chemical degradation of the book pages. Therefore, to correct this, you would have to unbind to book to treat the pages with chemicals to deoxidize them. Also you can bind the book using new book cover or chart paper to make it smell as fresh as possible. That’s because sometimes the book covers of old books are binded using cardboard that is covered with thin cloth fabric. This fabric may become rotten and can be the cause of actual bad smell.

Odor absorbent powder can be sprinkled on the pages: Special odor absorbent powders that are specially formulated for removing the odor from the books can be bought in affordable prices from various online retailing websites like Amazon. These book odor removing powders have to be sprinkled on each and every page of the book. Then the book can be left for standalone in vertical position using some support. These book odor absorbing powders are extremely effective for this purpose. Also, the use of these powders can solve the book odor problem very quickly too.

Home remedies can also be very effective for odor removal: The usage of baking powder can help in dealing with mild book odors. The process is simple. You have to sprinkle the baking powder on the book and keep it that way for some days. You can also use the baby powder as a quick fix method for suppressing the smell coming from an old book. The baby powder can be sprinkled on the book’s pages and then slightly dusted using cotton to change the pages’ smell. Also, if you are in real hurry, then you can simply immerse a cotton ball in some essential oil. Then you can rub the cotton on the cover page and on the interior of the book to change the smell into fragrance.

Using silica gel packets while storing the book will help you: Activated silica gel can be used as a treatment as well as preventive strategy for book odor. The activated silica gel can be brought from market in small porous packets. You have to place the silica gel sachets in between the book as well as in the cupboard also where the old books are stored. This silica gel will absorb the odor slowly. Also, it will also safeguard the books in future by absorbing any kind of moisture content present in the nearby environment. The silica gel should however be used cautiously because it has mild toxicity. Children’s books shouldn’t be stored with silica gel sachets for safety.