How To Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke Smell

Before moving on with this article, you may want to simply avoid smoking so that you would not actually be experiencing this problem. Unfortunately, you are not the only one that causes cigarette smoke smell from invading your house, your car, and your nostrils. Practically speaking, even the act of quitting cigarette smoking is much harder than simply getting rid of cigarette smoke smell.

Top 7 tips to get rid of cigarette smoke smell:-

1. Make sure to have adequate ventilation.

A good inflow and outflow of air current is the best way to deal with not only cigarette smoke smell but also other odors in enclosed areas. If you do not have the benefit of enough windows, you can simply have an exhaust fan installed. If this would be too tedious for you, simply make sure to keep the windows or door open when you or other people are smoking.

2. Keep the area adequately ventilated with warm air.

Having good ventilation is not the only thing required in getting these cigarette smoke odors loose. You need to have warm air to let the odor expand and exit from whatever material it got stuck too.

3. Make sure to have a proper area for smoking.

If you are not pleased by the mere sight of smoking and smokers and you want your family not only to be unaffected by the smell of cigarette smoking and its harmful effects, make sure to have a designated area where people could smoke. Have proper ventilation such an exhaust fan installed in that area. It would be best to have regular open air flow in that area.

4. You can purchase air purifiers.

With the technology today, almost everything can be achieved with science and technology. Good news is that there are already air purifiers that could actually clean out the air of cigarette smells. You may also make use of your air disinfectants and deodorizers. However, most of these gadgets will make use of electricity, so make sure to have a good electricity source for this in the affected area.

5. Make sure to remove the sources.

When people smoke in a specific area, the smoke that seeps through the material of the furniture in that area is not the only source of cigarette smoke smell. Even the cigarette butts have the strength to give out the same smell if left untreated. Make sure to thoroughly clean smoking areas.

6. Wash clothing or garments that were used during clothing.

For times when washing and cleaning of clothes may not be an ally to your time constraints, make sure to hang them in an area with warm free flowing air. This will help take out the cigarette smoke smell that got stuck in the fabric.

7. Make sure to brush your teeth or use gargles.

These will not only clean your mouth but also take out the odor that cigarette smoking leaves in your breath.