How To Get Rid of Cooking Odors

The delicious aroma of food that engulfs the whole household while preparing some dish, baking a cake, preparing different kinds of sauces etc. But would you like the food odor to stay as it is in the house if you have invited some friends over drinks late night? No, nobody wants that to happen. If your friends would be opening the fridge to take out some ice cubes then you would definitely feel embarrassed if they could smell the pasta that you had last night.

The beautiful aroma waffling from food turns into a problematic odor as soon as the lunch time is over. So, to make your home a ‘nice place to sniff at’, you should apply one of these tips in order to remove that food odor from various places of your home.

How to Get Rid of Cooking Odors

Always use a ‘kitchen exhaust’ while preparing meals: The use of kitchen chimney is not sufficient to ward off unwanted odors that hang around in the kitchen and living room air. That’s why you must use kitchen exhausts just above your cooking stove. The mini kitchen exhausts are powerful enough to remove a good percentage of odors while cooking.

Create a place for placing room freshening bar in kitchen: Small room freshening bars are also available in the markets which impart sweet flowery fragrances or artificial lemony fragrances to the home. These room freshening bars are slow evaporating in nature and they will help to combat food odors in your home throughout the day.

Remove stale food from refrigerator before clutter builds up: Spoiled milk is one of the biggest sources of food odor from refrigerator. You should make it a habit to check the fridge every night to see if there is some food item that has become stale or spoiled. Hidden rotten eggs, stale bread etc should be removed from the fridge.

Lemon helps in removing the odor coming from dustbin: Placing a few lemon wedges at the bottom of the dustbin floor helps a great deal in restricting the odor coming from the spoil food. You can even place some lemon wedges at the top of the food garbage in order to reduce their smell. Also try to seal food in packets before throwing it in the dustbin. (Related topic – Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Smell )

Always empty the garbage from garbage bin on a daily basis: The garbage lying unattended in home can be the biggest and worst source of food odor. Therefore, you should make it a point to clear the dustbin garbage every morning. You should even clean the dustbin too every now and then to remove any food odor that might be coming from it.

The kitchen upholstery should be kept neat and clean: Many a times you may find it hard to detect the cause of the smell that’s coming from the kitchen no matter how much cleaning you have already done. It may be due to the kitchen upholstery has unknowingly got stained with sauces etc. You should plan to clean the blinds, curtains etc from time to time.

Get your kitchen chimney cleaned for easy flow of food odor: Whenever you get the fireplace chimney cleaned then always make it a point to get the kitchen chimney checked for debris, charcoal etc which may have blocked It partially. You should call chimney experts to clean the kitchen chimney too. This will clear the passage for easy flow of air or kitchen odor from food.

If some utensil is smelly, then use lemon juice to clean it: Sometimes it may be the possibility that some cooking utensil feels smelly even after you have thoroughly cleaned it with dish washer. In such a case, you can cut a small lemon wedge and rub it on the utensil for removing the odor. Sprinkling some sodium on the lemon wedge before rubbing it on the utensil surface will increase its odor removing capacity. This will surely remove any kind of stubborn stain and food odor.

Lemon juice

Microwave should be sometimes thoroughly cleaned: While baking and heating so many food items, it might have happened that some food droplets have fallen in the microwave interior that is making it smelly every time you it’s door. Place a small bowl filled it water and heat it in the microwave to make the interiors moist and steamy. Then you can clean it using some soft cloth. You can even use a homemade cleaner to clean the microwave. Just mix some baking soda in a cup of water and then use this solution to clean the interior.

Baking soda can be used to freshen up kitchen air naturally: The usage of baking soda is not just limited for baking purposes. Actually baking soda is a good cleaning agent and helps in removing stubborn food odors too. To keep any room free from food odor you should use this trick. You should place two teaspoon full of baking soda in a small container and then sprinkle some water on it. Then you should place this container in any of the room to slowly remove the food odor.

baking soda

For a quick fix solution, use scented candles to suppress food odors: If you’re looking for a quick fix tip for removing food odors in case some guests are going to arrive, then you can burn some scented candles in your home to suppress or diminish any kind of food odor very quickly. Scented candles have essential oils whose aroma can overpower any other smell.