How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor

What Causes This Awful Shoe Smell?

Smelly shoes are usually due to odiferous feet, and odiferous feet are usually the result of microbe growth. Viruses like heated, darkish, wet places, and since our feet are protected in perspire glands, the sneakers and footwear of a person with wet feet are a perfect atmosphere for odor-causing bacteria to flourish. When we get a clear picture on the “why” about shoe smell, it will be a lot easier to draw out conclusions as to coming up with the “how” for dealing with it.

How to prevent shoe odor from building up:

Since we now know that shoe fragrance is due to bacteria demanding heated and wet conditions, we should make our footwear unfriendly to them. The best and easiest trick in keeping feet and shoe fragrance at bay is to keep your feet and shoes dry! You would also need to keep your feet and shoes clean always.

  • Create an environment where microbes would not bother to reside in.
  • Start by cleaning your feet thoroughly before wearing your shoes. Make sure to change your socks regularly. Changing your socks would also mean that you need to thoroughly wash your socks once you have already used it. The longer your socks get to stay in the laundry basket, the more microbes get to reside and multiply in it.
  • When changing your socks, make sure that your new socks are clean and dry.

Here are some tips that you can consider

  • After your taking a bath, make sure to properly dry yourself well, especially the areas between your feet. If you are wet when you put on your shoes then your shoes are going to be moist, and you’ll have just created a nice, heated fragrance incubator. This will certainly attract more than a handful of microbes and fungi to come and build a village of foul smelling odor in your feet.
  • If you are genetically a person with constantly wet and perspiring feet, you can make use of foot powder. You can purchase this from the nearest pharmacy or grocery store to your home. Make sure to wipe your feet dry before applying the foot powder. You can also put a few sprinkle of foot powder on the inner area of your shoes and shake it before wearing it.
  • Wear wide, natural organic cotton footwear and change them as often as needed to keep you dry. Stay away from man-made materials because they never process wetness or take in as well as natural organic cotton.
  • If your shoes ever get wet or even moist, let them dry completely before using them again. You can stuff them with paper or cotton, cover them with talcum powdered ingredients, or let them dry in a warm adequately ventilated area. If you are in a rush, you can use a blow dryer to dry your shoes completely before using them.