How To Get Rid of Trash Can Smell

Trash cans and rubbish bins receive all the household waste materials and can quickly become dirty and smelly if they are not cleaned regularly. But many people neglect to clean them either because they think it’s not necessary to clean them or because they find them disgusting to touch and put off cleaning for a later date. As a result, the inside and bottom become coated with decaying and rotting materials that do not only stink horribly but also look disgusting. Here are some ways to get rid of the nasty odor.

Segregate your garbage: People tend to throw every kind of household waste materials in the same trash can. The consequence of this is that the different odors will mix up to give off a worse smell. The best way to prevent this is to segregate the garbage. Throw waste papers, cardboard and other paper products in one trash can; put kitchen waste, leftover food and other biodegradable waste in another trash; and put recyclable and non-biodegradable waste in another trash can. This way, it is easier to clean them later.

Wash your trash can: This is something that many people neglect to do. Even when polythene bags are used inside the trash cans, they can still acquire dust, dirt, rotting food particles and decaying matters. Over time, they stink horribly and also look disgusting to boot. The best solution to this problem is to wash them regularly. Empty the trash can, pour some water in it, add detergent and bleach, stir the mixture, and let it stand for a few hours to take effect. Take a brush with a long handle and scrub both inner and outer surfaces thoroughly. After you have scrubbed it clean, rinse it with cold water and put it out in the sun to dry. This will kill the remaining bacteria and also remove the remaining odor.

Deodorize your trash can: You won’t be able to wash your trash cans every day, so deodorizing them on days when they are especially stinky is a good idea. Some of the household ingredients you can use to deodorize are baking soda, charcoal, vanilla extract, citrus fruit peels, coffee grounds and tea leaves. All of these are very effective deodorants. If you have a plastic trash can, put a liberal amount of baking soda inside it and leave it overnight. If it is made of metal, put the soda in a container to avoid corrosion. If you want to use charcoal instead, pulverize some and dump the pieces into the trash can. As for vanilla extract, put a small amount on a few cotton balls and put them in the trash can. Putting dry peels of citrus fruits like lemons, orange and lime in the trash can effectively mask odor. Similarly, putting coffee grounds and tea leaves in the trash can is also an effective way to mask the odor.