How To Remove Onion Smell From Hands

When you are preparing meals for your family there are many instance when you are forced to handle very strong scented ingredient such as onions and other herbal ingredients. This is something that may give you challenge of knowing the best way of removing such smell from your hand. You should not get irritated by the smell that you may get due to handling of a very important ingredient that is used when cooking food.

There is always a good way that you can be able to remove this strong scented vegetable from your hands without any difficulties. This is a good way of ensuring that you are not afraid to handle onions when cooking as the smell that comes from it is sticky but will come out when you use the following tips when you want to remove it

Tips of removing onion smell from the hand

1. One of the best ways that you can use to remove this smell from your hand is through the use of the toothpaste. You should wash your hands thoroughly with a small amount of toothpaste and these will usually remover the smell of the onion on your hands.

2. Another great method that is very effective when removing of onion smell is concerned is the use of paste that is made of a mixture of baking soda and with water. This will give you hand afresh smell and it is also cheaper for you to make this paste on your own.

3. You can also remove onion smell from your hand through rubbing your hands against the base of your stainless steel sink. This method works through reaction that occurs between the onion sulfides with the steel. This reaction will ensure that the smell of onion disappears completely leaving you without any trace of onion smell.

4. Another method that many people like to use when removing onion smell from their hands is Deeping of hands in a tomato juice for five minutes and then washing the hands with a detergent in cold water. This is a sure way of getting rid of the smell that comes from onion.

5. Also another simple method that you can use to solve this problem is by peeling a potato and use it to rub against your hands. This will make the smell of the onion disappear and you will be surprised with how this mode of removing onion smell is this method.

6. Another simple method that will cost you anything and is very effective in removing onion smell is by rubbing your hand with a piece of celery and it will make your hands to smell good in just matter of seconds.

7. Also you can peel the cover of an orange and use it to rub against your hands and thereafter you rinse your hands in cold water.