How To Create The Ideal Backyard For Summer

Finally, spring is here and summer is just around the corner! A great way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors is to create a backyard that you and your family can enjoy together over the coming months. To create the ideal backyard, consider adding pieces that will add fun, comfort, and function to your outdoor space.

Here are some popular additions to your backyard to make it an inviting atmosphere for the entire family:

Barbeque—There’s no question, summer is the perfect time to barbeque. Nothing exemplifies summer like the smoky taste of flame-grilled food. If you haven’t added a barbeque to your backyard, you can keep it simple with a traditional charcoal BBQ grill or go more high tech with a gas range.

Ideal Backyard Barbeque

When it comes to BBQ grills, there are plenty of options that you can add on to bring the comfort of a kitchen outside. From a mini refrigerator to cabinets and a sink, you have many choices to make your outdoor BBQ area as convenient as you’d like it to be. To beat the heat when grilling, add outdoor misting fans to your patio to cool down the chef and your guests.

Seating & Dining Area—There is a wide variety of seating options, so focus on what is most appropriate for your family. If comfort is your priority, you can find patio sets that have plush seating and adjustable chairs for maximum comfort. You can also go for the classic outdoor seating option of a traditional wooden picnic table.

To keep the sun’s rays from beating down on you directly, look for tables that come with built-in patio umbrellas.  If you can’t find a table that you like with a built-in patio umbrella, you can purchase a freestanding one that can be placed wherever you prefer in your patio or yard. This might be your most useful option so that you can take the umbrella wherever your guests migrate to in the yard. For chilly nights, consider a fire pit where guests can sit around and converse.

Cooling Your Backyard Patio – Summer heat can be very oppressive and even make going outside unattractive.  By installing a perimeter misting system on the patio or installing misting fans in higher humidity areas of the country, the backyard will stay much cooler and invite everyone outside.  Fans can be directed to specific areas such as the dinner table, the BBQ area, or the lounging areas.

For unprotected areas of the yard, consider shade sails stretched from posts to offer relief from the sun. These improvements are rather easy to install and will make the outdoors much more inviting.

Water Activities and Outdoor Games—If you have a pool in your backyard, you can do so much more than swim. Everyone loves playing water games like volleyball or basketball. You can share hours outside enjoying water activities and or lounging around on outdoor cabanas. Just make sure that if young children are going to be in the water, that you have adult supervision, to be safe.

Then, when you’re done swimming, unplug from all of your gadgets and devices and play an old fashion outdoor game. There is so much to choose from—horseshoes, croquet, volleyball, bean bag toss, football, and much more.

Garden—Having beautiful landscaping in your backyard is another great way to enjoy the outdoors. You can plant beautiful flowers, trees, and other greenery whose beauty you will enjoy on summer days.

If you enjoy summer vegetables, you can plant a vegetable garden and harvest fresh vegetables for you and your family to enjoy.

When creating the ideal backyard for you and your family, focus on the activities that you enjoy the most as a family and find away to bring those activities outdoors.  You will enjoy quality family time and will build lasting memories from your summer.