How To Deal With Changing Weather for Your Outdoor Sofa

A covered patio is a favorite place to relax during summertime (for some – all year round). It is an outdoor extension of the house that can offer great comfort and serenity.  Anybody can have a laid-back time at the veranda, either alone or with someone else.

One way of making the patio comfortable and engaging is to keep it looking pleasant. And there is no better way to make it pleasing than having a comfy outdoor sofa to sit on. If your veranda has an old and tired couch, the area will surely look deserted. That is why, it is important to keep this piece of furniture looking good to maintain a relaxing ambiance at the patio. But, the big question is – “how to protect the outdoor couch from the harmful elements?”  Weather is the usual reason this furniture gets damage easily.

Cover It!

When thinking of ways on how to safeguard your couch from the changing weather, seat covers are the first thing that pops up in mind. Indeed they are! Seat covers can protect the sofa from different elements including dust, sunlight, rain etc. There are sofa coverings readily available in many stores. However, it is wise to have it custom-made to get exact fit. Additionally, you will be able to pick which fabric to use.


Some homeowners use the covers everyday. They make use of the covers to dress up the couch, at the same time to protect them from the weather and other damaging elements. For others, they only use the covers if necessary like when nobody is around. Be sure to pick the right kind of coverings to avoid wasting money.

Rearrange it!

Proper couch location is an effective protection against the weather. A good location could mean no direct contact to sunlight. Place your sofa in a spot where the rays of the sun cannot reach. However, this does not suggest that you set the couch very close to the wall (although you can). As much as possible, place the sofa at the center of the area.

Sometimes, there is a part of the patio which gets wet when raining. Avoid this place. Rain can develop rust in metal framed sofa or molds in wooden couch. If you want to get a better view of your surrounding, place the sofa near the edge, but make sure you pull it towards the center afterwards. Proper placement can keep your couch away from harsh elements.

Clean it! (Regularly)

The simplest way to protect your couch from the weather is cleaning it regularly. Cleaning means caring. When you clean your sofa, you are exerting effort to prolong its life. Due to the changing climate condition, your couch will likely accumulate dust and moist, which can eventually ruin your sofa. Performing regular cleaning allows you to detect signs of damages, like warping and rusting (for metal).

If your couch got wet due to heavy rain, it will likely produce a smelly odor when not dealt immediately. Bad odor might signify germ formation, which puts the health of your family at risk. Proper care and cleaning will not only extend its life, but will keep the pleasant appearance of your home couch.

These three tips seem basic and ordinary; but, they can make a big difference to your investment – your outdoor couch. We may not be able to stop the rain from pouring or the sun from shining – which can damage the sofa in the long run. Nonetheless, we can carry out certain preventive measures to let our sofa stay in our home for more years to come.