How To Fix Drafty Windows

Windows are the ultimate double-edged sword because they brighten up your house and let the sun through and allow air to enter on warm days. The problem comes in when the colder months come along and drafts are created. They mess with the temperature in your house and can lead to uncomfortable conditions that will have you spending more to heat your house up. There are some ways that you can get rid of the drafts.

Close your windows

The most obvious solution to a draft is closing the window. One of the most common reasons drafts are created is that the windows are not closed properly. You should always make sure that the locks or latches are properly sealed. You may have to adjust the screws or hinges to get it to move. Even oil it if it is stuck. If any mechanisms are broken it would be worth your while to have them replaced rather than suffering with cold in your house.

Use your curtains properly

Not only can your curtains keep the sun out and give you privacy at night, but they can also be used to keep drafts out. A good quality set of curtains will be thick enough to help insulate against a draft so even if your window is slightly open you won’t suffer the effects. This means you can get fresh air without the frosty temperatures. Try getting a set that extends all the way to the floor and that covers your entire window area. To stop it from blowing from the draft you can weigh it down with stones.

Window coverings

While curtains are great for keeping those small drafts out, sometimes it is better to get your windows insulated. This is important with extreme weather conditions so you will want to keep the wind and cold out. In cold times it will keep heat in and cold out, and on hot days it will keep the cool air in and the heat out. Some examples of insulation include insulated curtains, quilted shades, and insulated shades.

Some tips

It is important to remember that it is not only windows that can lead to drafts so make sure you insulate your doors as well. Always ensure that your windows are clean and well maintained so that you aren’t stuck with broken ones when winter comes. If you are using caulking then don’t disturb it, as you can pick up the chemicals that have the potential to harm you.