How To Get Rid Of Dog Poo

A dog can be about as much of a handful to take care of as would a young child. Cleaning up its poo is just one of those rather painstaking chores.

However, it is a necessary job, as you want your lawn and yard looking proper when people come to visit. However, you may not know the easiest or best way to clean up your poop.

Some techniques you can use are as follows:

You can use the “bag it” method. You can place a plastic bag over the top of the pile of poo and grab it while picking it up. Then, quickly turn the bag up before the poo falls out again and place it in a trash bin or down a toilet. You may want to use gloves for this if you use thin plastic bags. Otherwise, the thicker ones would be better.

Scoop it up. Another useful way to clean up dog poo is to use a pooper-scooper. This is a long-handled gripper that closes usually by a spring action. This tool allows you to pick up dog poop without bending down.

Wash it away with a garden hose. This method works best if the poop is located on a driveway or other hard surface. You can wash it away towards the nearest street gutter where it can be washed to the sewer. Keep in mind though that this can be thought of as contamination of a water supply, though water goes through purification systems.

Turn it into compost. Believe it or not the waste that comes out of your dog’s back end can be used as compost. A waste digester system is used for this purpose, and it works in a similar way as a standard septic tank to turn dog “do-doo” into a rich fertilizer.

More Suggestions

If your dog pooped inside your home use whatever necessary actions you need to do to try to train the dog not do. Further explorations of training would help.

In the mean time, it is best to sanitize the area. If you thoroughly clean the area your family can be saved from becoming infected by any microscopic germ or bacteria.

A good disinfectant soap or maybe some bleach is helpful to help you get rid of the odor. The type of solution you use to wipe away the stench and/or sanitize the area depends where the poo may lie.