How To Get Rid of Lawn Fungus

You may think that animals and people are the only beings that can be plagued by fungi. The truth is that even plants are susceptible to this and it can cause major problems. If you start seeing mildew, mushrooms and discolored patches forming then your garden has probably been infected. The important thing here is that the fungus needs to be identified so that it can be treated properly.

Some common fungi

A brown patch is an area of discoloration that is found with Ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. The leaves have tan edges and the area extends anywhere from 5 to 20 inches. Leaf spot is one of the more destructive fungi when it its cold and wet. It results in vegetation that is purplish, dark brown then light brown. Pythium blight can infest just about any garden. The spots end up slimy before they eventually die. Fairy ring features circles that seem rather harmless at first but after a while you end up with up to sixty feet of mushrooms. These are dangerous because they are poisonous.

How to prevent fungi

Curing your garden of fungi is a nightmare so it is better to prevent it beforehand. Dead plants and grass can be a big attraction for fungi so whenever you do your cutting and clipping make sure you get rid of the dead lot. Many people water their gardens to relax after a busy day but the problem with this is that the grass doesn’t have enough time to dry. These moist conditions are perfect for the growth of fungi. Try as far as possible to water during the day. Incorrect pH could also be a problem so always ensure that you have the right conditions to keep fungi out.

Getting rid of fungi

When mowing your lawn try and get the grass at a level that is short enough to keep fungi from flourishing but long enough to keep soil from eroding. Always make sure your lawnmower’s blades are sharp. Blunt blades lead to tearing and water loss which lures fungi. If you are not skilled in the art of gardening then it would be best to get professionals in to help. They will be able to get rid of the fungi and give you tips on how best to care for your garden so that it doesn’t become infested again. This will keep your garden healthy and looking good.