How To Get Rid of Lawn Weeds

Lawn weeds are amongst the worst things that creep up on you and your lovely garden. They have absolutely no use and they can make any garden unsightly. Worse still, they steal nutrients and water from plants next to them so your precious flowers die as a result. It is an epic battle to get rid of them but the good news is that it is possible through one of a few easy steps.

Rip it

The most commonly used method of removing weeds is simply to rip them out of the ground. This is because you are getting rid of the root system at the same time, which decreases the chances of it growing again. The only way to guarantee that it never sprouts again is to ensure you have removed the whole root system. With some weeds it is easier because they have shallow root systems but for things like burdock and dandelion you have to dig a little deeper. Once you have done this get rid of all the seeds so that new weeds will not grow.

Garden implements

Sometimes ripping out weeds can get a little tedious so you should resort to your garden tools to get rid of them. One of the best ones to use is the hoe. This will remove your weeds in a fraction of the time that it would have taken you by hand. You should choose the type of hoe that is most convenient for you to use.


Mulch is intended to be a protective covering for your garden. It contains both natural and synthetic materials and should be placed on the ground surface to preserve plants. While it serves to provide nutrients, it also helps to keep weeds away. It does this by depriving them of sunlight. You can get mulch at the store or make your own using things like leaves, bark, pine needles and cocoa hulls.


Chemicals are a good way of killing weeds if you aren’t keen on the manual labor. There are various types of chemicals available kill weeds. Some will kill the grown plants while others will only kill the seeds that they produce, limiting the growth of the next generation of weeds. Most of them require that you reapply a few times a month in order for them to be effective. This will keep weeds out of your garden for good.