How To Get Rid of Mushrooms

The mushrooms you find in your yard are not the edible kind. In fact, some species of this lawn plant can actually kill you.

Therefore, it would be in your best interest to remove them especially if small, helpless children frequent your lawn and home. Otherwise, there could be serious consequences.

Growth Process

In order to watch for mushrooms you might want to learn how to spot them from the time they first start growing. They start out as spores which are very microscopic in size, and each mushroom can produce thousands of these spores.

It usually takes several days for mushrooms to grow-a lot slower that people may expect. However, they can expand quite rapidly when water or other fluids come in contact with them.

The Removal Process

Sometimes the removal of potentially poisonous mushrooms from your yard can be a challenge. However, you obviously see the advantage and urgency of doing so. This is further explained below.

Learn how to identify what type of mushroom is in your yard. (With caution!) Of course this should be done with great caution and care. Make sure you really do know the difference between an edible mushroom and a non-edible mushroom. Otherwise, you could cause a potentially fatal food accident.

Cover the growth spots. Gravel or sand can help snuff the growth of mushrooms. Usually this can be placed over the spots where the mushrooms have been removed.

Remove growth patches. If you can, you may first want to remove rotting wood or any other growth patches. These are especially found in moist and shaded locations.

Remove growth soil. The microscopic mushroom roots and spores are most likely living in the dirt above the ground from where the mushrooms resided. You will especially be able to notice the threadlike roots that make an underground web. You should remove these to help stop the mushrooms from growing.

Make the mushroom patch into a creative landscape. This may require a variety of actions, such as placed a trim of flowers around the perimeter. You might also want to place some kind of decorative partition, fence, or wall around it. This creative piece helps set apart the mushrooms from the rest of the lawn.

Find a use for the mushrooms. There are many different kinds of mushrooms. You can find a use for them all. If they are not edible of course do not eat them. However, some mushrooms have been used in medicinal recipes and some have been even used as dye.