How To Get Rid of Old Auto Parts

If you are into fixing cars as a job or as a hobby you will know what a nightmare it is to have old auto parts lying around. It takes up loads of space and half of them just sits and gathers dust over time. They create a cluttered workspace which makes managing your new parts and tools much harder. There are a few things you can do in order to get your garage organized.

Know the difference

People keep old parts and some of them are worth using while others are junk. It is worthwhile knowing the difference between old parts and spare parts. Spare parts are new or relatively new and are still in good working order. They can be used to replace damaged or old parts in vehicles. Old parts are parts that have been lying around for ages and they do not work. They are corroded and rusty and so they cannot be re-used. These parts should be recycled f possible or sold as scrap metal.

Index and sort

The next thing you should do is sort all your spare parts. Take not of which part is it, what the date is and which model of car it can be used for. Some people prefer to sort it in piles by car make or by the part itself. You have to choose which system works best for you. You should type up a list of these details for each part and keep it updated. This will make finding parts you need much easier. Also set aside a date where you reassess your inventory. Depending on how busy you are you may want to do this once a week otherwise longer intervals will do. As long as you have some sort of system that you update regularly then you should be fine.

Getting rid of parts

Once you have identified which parts are worth keeping and added them to your inventory you will be left with a whole bunch of parts you need to get rid of. Instead of dumping them all on one spot you should sort them. Those that can be sold for scrap metal will fetch you some extra cash. Those that will be going for recycling will mean less impact on the environment. You will find that the completely unsalvageable and useless parts make up just a fraction of your original pile so these can just be thrown away.