How To Get Rid of Poison Oak

Poison oak is a genus of plants under which category is listed poison ivy and lacquer tree. It is the oil of this plant that gives off an allergic reaction. Therefore, you probably want to find a way to get it out of your yard or lot if it resides there.

Types of Poison Oak

One kind you may have heard of is the Western Poison Oak, which usually is found on the Pacific Coast in the U.S. and Canada. The Atlantic Poison Oak is found on the Atlantic Coast.

You should understand though that Poison Oak is not really a true oak, and its leaves do not look like oak. When it grows in the sunlight it grows as a thick shrub. However, in the shade it develops into a vine that climbs.

The leaves themselves appear in groups of three leaflets about 3.5 to 10 centimeters long. They have scalloped edges and the leaves in the spring are bright green.

In the summer the leaves range in color from yellow-green to reddish color. However, in the fall they turn bright red or bright pink color.

poison oak

Removal Techniques

You can use one of a variety of removal techniques. The ways you can do so are shown below.

Remove it by hand. In order to prevent poison oak from growing in your yard you can pull it out or dig it out by the root. When doing so you should wear gloves and make sure your body is completely covered.

Grow other plants in your yard. The more plants you have in your yard that are not poisonous the easier it will be to prevent the poison oak from growing. This is easiest to do if the area you want to plant in is regularly cultivated and water is ready and available.

Apply a plant killer. The appropriate herbicide (i.e. glyphosate or Triclopyr) can help control the growth of poison oak. It can even help eradicate the species forever. This along with digging the plant out by the roots may be the best combination of care.

Use a professional removal service. Treat and plant removal companies are capable of successfully removing plant pests such as poison oak. In addition, they can also dispose of the plants they dig out in the proper way.

You might find additional ways to remove it such as boiling hot water and dumping it on the roots to help kill them. If you are wondering what the best way is to remove them you may want to ask a professional for an opinion.