How To Get Rid of Quack Grass

Quack grass is that lawn weed that everyone seems to find very annoying. It is mostly present in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

If is thought of as unsightly for one, plus it often kills the rich grass and flowers around it. Therefore, people are trying to find ways to get rid of it as fast as possible.

Of course, instead of getting rid of it you need to know what it looks like. A further description is provided below.


One way to recognize quack grass is by its long tapered leaves. They may resemble blades to some people.

These plants are most recognized by their tapered, bladelike leaves that are about 1/3 inches wide. These leaves are connected to hollow stems. If you dig it out you will notice its complex root system, which is what causes the weeds to spread all over the yard.

The seeds of a plant also are the types that are easily carried away by the wind. This is done to help the plant multiply.

Most of the time quack grass grows in sunny areas. However, it can be seen just about any where in the yard.

By the way, this grass is also known by the following names: medusa’s head, quack grass rye, twitch grass, couch grass, or quick grass. It may also be called other names.

The Elimination Process

It can be tough to get rid of this nasty grass, as it does rapidly multiply. Getting rid of it is tough because of the ease in spread of this plant’s seeds and root system.

Not only that but it also is spread via bird droppings as ell as contaminated grass seeds and contaminated mulching materials. The reason house owners are in such of a hurry to get rid of it is because it can cause serious problems.

Here are ways to get rid of this annoying kind of grass:

Dig it out instead of mowing. You will never be able to get rid of this plant if you just run over it with a lawn mower. It will just grow back and sometimes it will grow back even faster.

Cover the parts dug out with mulch. After you have dug out the quack grass you can cover over it with mulch. One way to do this is to cover the dug out area with one or more of the following substances: wood chips, hay, straw, grass clippings, or plastic film.

Grow “cover plants.” Other kinds of plants you grow in your lawn can help you prevent quack grass from growing. Some plants you can grow in your yard include winter rye, crown vetch, or buckwheat.