5 Signs You May Have Termites

Termites love to eat wood which means they like to attack the foundations of your home and potentially undermine them. It’s important to note that a small colony can consume approximately one foot of 2 x 4 within 6 months.

That may not sound significant but, that’s a small colony, and consider how your foundations will look with a piece of wood missing. Of course, in reality, they are eating into lots of different pieces of wood, weakening them all.

Signs You May Have Termites

If you think you have a termite issue you need professional help. That means calling your local firm and using the best possible termite bait system.

  1. Mud Tubes

Termites love wood but they need moisture to survive. They may get the moisture they need from your home, especially if you have a leaking tap or pipe. However, the easiest way for them to get the moisture they need is to go into the soil around your home.

If you have soil against the walls of your home then take a look at it. If you have termites you’ll see small mud tubes in the soil. This is the entry and access points.

To confirm the termites are active simply cover one or two of the tubes. Check back the next day and you’ll find it has either been uncovered or there is a new tube next to it.

  1. Discarded Wings

Young male and female termites have wings. This allows them to leave the nest and search for a new nesting site. Once they’ve located a suitable spot and mated they’ll discard their wings. The new site can often be a different spot within your own home.

If you see lots of discarded wings then you have a lot of young termites creating colonies. That could become a big problem.

  1. Damaged Wood

Termites eat wood to survive. This means they’ll be an entry hole where they have gone into the wood. Once inside they’ll generally eat the wood from the inside out.

In reality, there will be very few signs of their presence, especially in the early days. However, if you tap the wood and it sounds hollow then you probably have an issue.

  1. Wood Pellets

Termites eat wood and then produce wood-colored droppings. These can often be mistaken for wood pellets or shavings. If you start to notice these around your home take a look at the nearby wood. You’ll probably find holes from the termites, confirming that you have a problem that needs to be dealt with.

  1. Blistering Paint

Because the termites eat the wood from inside out the outer layer can be pushed outward. This is usually the paint on the top of the wood. Bubbling o blistering paint is a sign that you either have water damage inside your wood or you have termites.

In other words, it’s time to take action to eliminate the issue and reclaim your home. Don’t forget, termites can cause a considerable amount of damage, the sooner you get the problem dealt with the better.