How To Get Rid of Plovers

Chirping of birds adds sweetness to the surroundings. But when these birds come in groups and create a nuisance with their noise, then finding a solution becomes highly imperative. Plovers especially are the wading birds that swoop over the balconies and terraces of houses and cause great trouble. Most of the times, you can easily shoo away a single bird or a two. But when these common wading birds come in groups you are at risk of getting a peck from their tiny beaks.

Are Plovers Harmful?

Plovers are small birds that are found almost in all parts of the world.


  • They usually do not cause any injury or harm.
  • Rather, their presence can eliminate the presence of unwanted worms and insects that are found in your household as these plovers are quite smart at picking them up and eating them.
  • In some cases, however, the plovers can become the cause of worry, especially when they consider your yard as their home.
  • There are chances that they can swoop at you whenever you try to come near them for shooing them away.
  • So plovers are nice only when they are flying in the sky. However, they can be bothersome once they become a regular part of your yard.
  • Once the plovers have decided to make your yard their home, then it is quite difficult to remove them as they are not only noisy but aggressive too when it comes to defending their family.
  • Households with small kids around have to take extra precautions as they can cause injury to your kids.

Getting Rid of Plovers

If the plovers are being aggressive and causing nuisance, you certainly need to take firm steps to make them go away. However, the first step should be to find out the exact spot of their nesting and that too carefully so that they do not feel challenged by you. How do you propose to go about it?

Use The Mini Flag

Going around the yard-carrying mini flag can be a great idea to start with:

  • Stick a small cloth piece to the end of a stick and move around with the stick in the yard.
  • This can act as a prevention measure while you check upon the presence of plovers in your yard and check their nest.
  • It is important to find out whether they are having little chicks or eggs for which they have taken shelter of your yard.
  • So, by taking this mini-flag with you it is possible to find out whether they just come to visit your yard or have made it their home.

Try Picking Up The Eggs

Plovers eggs

This is another way of getting rid of the plovers and discouraging them from coming near your yards.

  • Once you have found out their nest and the place where they have kept their eggs, it is easier for you to do the act.
  • While picking up the eggs, ensure that you have covered your face properly and are wearing protective clothes so that even if the plovers swoop at you, they will not be able to cause any harm to you.
  • Also keep along the stick with you so that if the plovers attack you, it will be possible to shoo them away in a better way.
  • Carry along a container for keeping the eggs.
  • Once you are near the area of the nest, move around gently for a while so that the plovers are not disturbed or suspect your intention.
  • Once you slowly reach the exact spot, pick up the eggs carefully and keep them in the container.
  • If the plovers come on to you, just dodge them without panicking.
  • Now, quickly move into an area far away from your house, find a good place and keep the eggs there.
  • While doing so, ensure that the plovers are following your activity so that they can come to know where the eggs have been kept.

Replacing the eggs can be a great idea, as plovers will never want to part away from their beloved and will never want to return to the place where their eggs or chicks are in danger. If this does not work, you can always call the bird control service for getting rid of these birds.