How To Get Mice Out of Your House

Mice can infest any home. They are found in barns or solitary houses in rural areas, and they also thrive in apartments or buildings in big cities. Oftentimes, residents don’t even notice that they have mice in their homes, not until the creatures have already done considerable damage to property or possessions. Having mice around is really a serious problem, and once these creatures have made their way into your home, it can be difficult to get them out. But there are several ways to address the problem, and some are discussed below.

1. Use glue traps.

Some believe that using glue traps, also known as sticky traps, is inhumane because the mice that get trapped die a slow death. However, if you have a severe mouse problem, then it is one of the methods that you can use to catch mice. Simply place glue traps in places where you often see mice trails. Since mice also like to run along walls, put a few traps near such areas as well. Also, place some underneath the kitchen sink and furniture.


2. Put mouse traps.

Choose smaller traps to catch mice because the bigger ones won’t work that well. Put traps perpendicular to a corner, or have these behind furniture or chairs. The more deserted an area is, the bolder a mice will be in approaching a trap. Use peanut butter, meat and caramel as bait because cheese doesn’t often work.

There are different kinds of traps. Electronic traps and mouse traps kill captured mice, but there are also humane traps. In case you have opted for the latter, just make sure to release caught mice in a wooded area that is far from your house, and far from houses or business establishments. Mice can easily find their way back to a certain area, and you don’t want them going back to your place. Also, you don’t want to burden others with a mouse problem.

3. Safeguard your home.

Sometimes, it is quite pointless to eliminate mice from your home when your neighborhood has an ongoing rodent problem. Even though you think you have already gotten rid of the mice inside your house, others will probably find their way inside your property after some time. One way to avoid further infestation is to be on the defensive. Protect your property from these critters. Caulk or seal up holes; put screens on windows and doors; and make sure to regularly clean your surroundings. Garbage disposal should also be frequent, and bins should be securely covered. Mice are easily attracted to odors of food and other decomposing materials.

4. Call a pest control company.

It is a challenge to get rid of mice on your own, and if a serious infestation is going on inside your house or in your neighborhood, then maybe it is time for you to get help from pest control experts. Services will usually include identification of pest, full property and home inspection, trapping, and nest removal, to name a few.