How To Get Rid of a Bees Nest

Everyone has a love for nature say it’s a small kid or an elderly person. You can lead a peaceful life when you are not surrounded with those buzzing sound of car horns and city traffic. It’s always a pleasure to see bees hymning around, cows grazing, birds flying, clean air, river flowing, seems like we are into some wonderland.

But these cannot always be great to you and your family. In those area since you are more close to nature there would always be problem of insects and some of them can really harm your kids. Say for instance the stingy bees which not only have bad sting but also when they bite you can be more painful. This is because they have painful stings and are found in lot where there lot of plants with flowers.

Getting Rid of Bee’s nest

Its not that bee’s always harms you. It has got its own plus and minuses. Imagine you taking a nap in the afternoon and they have built a nest just a few feet away from your window. The sound would just not be bearable. Thus, below are some ways of how you can get rid of them.

1. Bag the nest – The simplest and the easiest way to get rid of them is bag the nest if it’s really a small one. But at the same time it should be reachable. You don’t need any kind of specialization for that. All you need to have is special clothing consisting of gloves, cap and a mask. You need to be at a reasonable distance while doing it because bees are attracted to breath and then if they sting you it can be dangerous. Thus you can collect the bee’s hive in a huge bag and then throw it far away from your house.

2. Smoke the bees out before getting rid of the nest – Everyone gets scared of smoke so how can the bees be different. It acts as an alarm for them thus asking them to leave their nest. They feel as if their nest is going to catch fire and thus they start consuming the honey at their fullest speed. Thus they start leaving their nest and after that you can easily remove it. For that you just need a smoker and then put the business end into the nest’s opening and let the smoke flow in. After that you can simply remove it with hands or dig it out.

3. Enlist the help of a professional – If you do not wish to do any of the above on your own you can always take help of a professional beekeeper to do it for you. They specialize in it so they are more capable of doing the job smoothly. And for that you need not invest into buying any equipment. They would just charge a nominal fee and you can easily get rid of them.

Thus above are some ways of getting rid of bees.

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