How To Get Rid of Aphids

Aphids are nothing but a pear-shaped insect that crawls under the leaves of your plants. As soon as you see them quick action need to be taken because they can transform your beautiful garden into a garbage bin. They are also called as plant lice or greenflies as they suck the juices of plants. Sometimes they can be so dangerous that they can retard the growth of your plant by passing on some deadly viruses. You can see them in different shades of red, green, black, yellow and brown and all of them can reproduce fast.

Below are some methods through which you can get rid of them fast.

1. Keep a check on your plants frequently

A single aphid can breed as many as 80 offspring in a week. Just imagine if you don’t keep a regular check of your plants what would be your plants condition after a week. Have a keen look at the underside of branches and leaves because that’s where they dwell. Try to check the newly brought plants thoroughly before keeping them in the garden.

2. Simply squish them

The easiest way to get rid of them is by squishing them simply. If there are just few of them then you can pick them up and just squish them. Please ensure that you wear gloves before doing it as their juice may irritate your skin.

3. Get rid of the colonies

Aphids are often found in groups. Just pick the area where they are crawling in groups and either burn them or throw it somewhere faraway. Though this is a time consuming activity but would help you if you have only few plants planted in your garden.

4. Use limited fertilizer

Fertilizer is must for good plants growth but don’t try to fatten your plant by applying more than needed as aphids loves new growth which are the result of over fertilized plants. Try to use a slow-release type of fertilizer to protect your plants from aphids. It is always advisable to do a thorough check of your newly growing plant as aphids always try to attack them first.

5. Take the help of predatory insects

The predatory insects of aphids are Ladybugs and Lacewings. They completely feed on aphids for food. They are also easily available in the market. Thus by placing them in your garden you can reduce the population of aphids nearby.

6. Stay away from ants

Ants are aphid’s best friend. The reason behind it is they feed on the honeydew or sugary sap that aphids secrete. Since they are of help to the ants they protect them from their predators. Also they help them to move from one plant to another.

7. Try some old remedies

Aphids are a major problem for farmers since years. That’s why they have come up with some tested remedies. One amongst them is growing marigold plants in some part of your garden. The reason is this plant attracts insects that feed on aphids. Plants like onion, garlic and chives can also be planted to keep aphids away.

Thus with the help of above method you can get rid of aphids.