How To Get Rid of Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are those small ants which are commonly found everywhere. They can easily enter through any minute area. They are so flexible that they can even enter through a millimeter wide opening without hurting themselves. Despite of their small size the problems that they create are quite huge which not only have effects on our home but also in our eco system.

Argentine ants are very aggressive by nature. They tend to kill the local ants or try to move them from one place to other creating imbalance in the nature. Usually local ants help flowers and plants to scatter their seeds but due to their displacement it becomes difficult for them. The best thing about this ant is they don’t fight with each other. So they can easily move and work with each other in their own colonies.

You should try to get rid of them as soon as possible because they not only cause damage to your food kept outside but also tend to damage the homely appliances such as washing machines, mixer and grinder, including air conditioner. Thus these small ants can result into big damages. Other problem with them is that they start extending their colony very quickly and also tend to enter your closet and attic.

Below are some measures to control Argentine Ants

1. Use Bait

Argentine ants are not like those normal ants that get killed by simply spraying Insecticides. The problem would be that after spraying the insecticide only worker ants get killed and due to the decrease in their population the queen ants would start laying more eggs. Thus it would worsen the problem. Thus the best way is to use bait as it would be mistaken by worker ants as food and they will carry the same back home. Bait is actually a poison useful to kill Argentine ants.

2. Use Boric Acid

Boric acid can be dangerous for humans as well as for animals. Be careful while using it as it can harm you as well. Boric acid will basically kill them through dehydration as it would extract all the water from the ant’s body. Keep it away from kids.

3. Use talcum powder

Don’t be under any assumptions that talcum powder kills argentine ants but ants hate it that is for sure. Thus sprinkling of talcum powder will help them keep away from that particular place.

4. Keep the kitchen dry

Nothing works better than keeping your house clean. Always make a point to keep your kitchen sink clean and dry because it would not only invite ants but also other pests like spiders and roaches. Throw all the leftovers in dustbin and have a habit of cleaning your garbage bins regularly.

5. Seal the holes

All the types of ants tend to enter your home only through the cracks and crevices. Try to seal them with cement or sealants. Keep a watch that they don’t enter again through them.

Thus above are some ways to get rid of Argentine Ants.