How To Get Rid of Armadillos

Armadillo known as little armored one in Spanish is an animal which you may have seen in zoos but certainly do not wish to see them in your backyard. It belongs to the category of mammals and somewhat looks like anteater, except that it has a bony armor or shell.

These animals are not blind but they have very poor vision. You might wonder that how do they find their food and determine threats if they have got poor vision? They do this with the help of their other senses like smelling and hearing their environment. Their food mainly consists of grub, worms, insects and other invertebrates that are found underground.

The armadillos are most commonly found in United States. Due to lack of their enemies, these animals are rapidly growing and invading many homes in search of food and shelter.

Invasion of armadillo

Invasion of armadillo has become a serious problem now a days. Their only enemies are the humans especially in urban areas. Here are certain problems which armadillo causes:

  • It damages your garden by leaving behind huge ugly burrows in your lawn or garden
  • It destroys plants in the garden as they dig up soil in search of food
  • It also causes damage to your home. Armadillos not only dig holes for searching food but also to find their dens where they can stay. And if they found your home as their place of dwelling they may dig a burrow below it thus destroying your water pipes, electrical wiring and even weaken the foundation of your house.

You can get rid of armadillos without killing them. Here are certain ways of how to get rid of them:


The best way to avoid these creatures is prevention. You can do it by making up a metal fencing around your lawn or garden. This will keep them away from the same. There are many fencing available in the market to keep armadillos out. Buy them and install them properly.

Scare tactics

You don’t have to make use of scare crows or Halloween to drive these creatures away. They can be frightened easily by making use of the scents which they hate from bottom of their hearts. The other ways include making use of ammonia, mothballs or even urine either from human or their predators. There are many other commercial products available in the market to scare armadillos. All you need to do is buy them and spray or sprinkle them in your area to keep these armadillos away from your house.

These chemicals will not harm armadillos and most of them do not even harm humans or pets. They are simply use to scare armadillos. Just apply it regularly.

Trap them

You can make use of armadillo traps to get rid of them. Just put them in the areas where they are found frequently.

Finally you can make use of a professional if all of the above ways fail.