How To Get Rid of Asian Beetles

Asian beetles are those cute looking beetles which are normally have multicolor. They are also known as Asian lady beetles or Japanese lady beetles. They don’t feed on any housing material nor do they bite much. That way they do not cause any kind of harm to anyone. But the only problem with them is that they gather in groups. They roam around open food and utensils. Thus they can be bit irritating. But never make a mistake of squeezing them because they tend to pour out some yellowish substance which can make the surface rough or can also result into some allergic reactions in humans.

Getting Rid of Asian Beetles

1. Inspect the surrounding area – Always keep a check on the surrounding of your home for some cracks or gaps because that’s the only place where they try to come in. if you find any try to seal them with cement. They always try to dwell in houses to get the warmth shelter. So always keep a check before the winter season actually starts.

2. Well-maintained screens – It is always advisable to have a well-maintained screen on your window frames which would prevent the Asian beetles to enter your house. Thus in summer season it can be used to get fresh air and in winter to get rid of Asian beetles. Thus if there is good ventilation of air they would never enter your house.

3. Use Vacuum Cleaner – This is one of the best ways of getting rid of them without actually using your hand. You can spray insecticide inside the vacuum cleaner and allow the Asian beetle to die inside it. Thus after that you can throw the bag far away from your house without any yellowish substance coming out if it.

4. Use dark colors and prints – Asian beetles are more attracted toward light color rather then dark. So if you are fond of dark colors then there is very little chance of them entering your house. You can always paint the exterior of your home with some dark print or color thus avoiding them to come inside.

5. Natural Asian Beetle control – Camphor oil helps to keep away Asian Beetles. Ancient studies have proved that they help to keep the Asian Lady beetles away. But they tend to evaporate quickly so they cannot be used for long term control.
Asian beetles are very much attracted to light. So if properly kept into some dark area of house or when switched on at night, they would get attracted towards it. Try to place them into some jar and thus when they all get collected into the jar the same can be thrown into dustbin.

Thus they don’t cause much harm but can sometimes act as nuisance. You can simply avoid them by using any of the above methods and keep your house safe and healthy. Living healthy is just a matter of keeping yourself and the surrounding area clean.