How To Get Rid of Bears

There are a lot of qualities about bears that make them incredible creatures including their size, their looks, and their smarts. These creatures learn and remember very well and in terms of personality, are generally shy creatures. This does not mean to say that the chance for people meeting bears is uncommon because it does happen and perhaps more often than wanted. There are two main scenarios in which these meetings most commonly occur.

Case One

You live in North America where there are plenty of brown, black and grizzly bears. The season is between spring and fall when it is quite temperate and you are surrounded by the small of food while your home is located near the woods.

Case Two

You go camping in the woods, keeping the same food around for a number of days and you cook the food in the open air.

In Case the Bear Shows Itself

There are other scenarios in which a bear will show itself but you should not be afraid if you see a bear. These animals are just looking for food and they don’t usually attack people unless you provoke it such as by coming too close to a cub or by getting in the way of their food. Since bears are timid creatures, although avoiding them is always the best option, you can scare them away by making loud noises such as banging items together or shouting. Some individuals of the more courageous nature may try to chase the bear but if you do this, ensure the creature has an escape route and is not cornered and don’t come closer than 15 feet to the bear. For bears that are not easily scared, there are repellents such as Capsaicin, which is naturally found in peppers. When sprayed into the eyes of the bear, they will run away. There are bears that will appear to be aggressive. In such a case, never try to scare it away. Contact a wildlife professional instead.

What Not to Do

There are certain things that you should not do when bears are present or there is a possibility of them being present. Here are some of them.

  • Don’t feed the bear in case it swings at you, tries to bite or any other potentially danger action.
  • Don’t leave food unattended as the smell attracts the creatures.
  • Don’t leave out your garbage as this also emits an odor.