How To Get Rid of Beehive

Everyone is familiar with bees and the place where they live with their young ones is called beehive. They are also known as honey bee colonies. Often a beehive has a Queen bee and others are working bees. They basically collect the nectar from the flowers and store it in their hives. The pollination from bees helps the fruit farmer to a large extent. There can be around 10,000 honey bees in a beehive. Bees generally don’t cause any harm but if someone tries to destroy or attack their beehive they can be dangerous. Once they bite you then it can be really painful. They may look very small from outside but they have huge interiors inside. Normally they built the beehive at height but if you are the unlucky one then they can also built it at your home or somewhere nearby.

Below are some measures of how to get rid of them:

1. Use insecticide

If there is a bee hive at your place and if it’s really a small one you can use insecticide and can easily get rid of them. But if it’s a big one or the honey producing beehive do not even dare to touch it. Don’t try to do it with bare hands. Instead use proper equipment before spraying the insecticide. They are easily available in the market but look out for a can that have a long nozzle. If possible try to spray it at night as they are inactive and generally don’t loiter around.

2. Burn the hive

The other option to get rid of the beehive is by burning it. You need to check first that there is no honey bee inside and then take it to some safe location and burn it. Wear gloves, long sleeves and tough shoes before approaching the hive. Try to do it only if it’s a small bee hive. Try to keep children, elders out of their reach or the bees can harm them.

3. Ask for professional help

If it is really a big one then please do not try to attempt it. Instead you can take some professionals help who shall charge a nominal fee. They tend to deal with it properly as they have been given training on the same. They mostly come with proper equipments with the help of which they can get the bee hive removed and also would be able to collect some honey from it. In some countries killing bees is illegal and many man made beehives are made as it is there source of business.

4. Avoid planting small and sweet plants

The main reason for bees building their hive at your place is food. They collect the sweet nectar from the plants and store it. If their source of food is from your home they tend to build their hives nearby. Try to shift it to some area which is out of their reach.