How To Get Rid of Beetles

Beetles have got the largest number of species. They are part of the order named coleoptera which means sheathed wing. Beetles can be both harmful and harmless. Some of them act as pests like red flour beetle or Colorado potato beetle while some others like effective pesticides like ladybugs. Most of the beetles are useful in one way or the other. But some of them are really dangerous to your plants. Therefore it is necessary too get rid of them.

Controlling beetles can be difficult although new techniques have been developed to get rid of them. Now a day’s pest control is the best option to get rid of the beetles as they have got the perfect knowledge and instruments to treat them. If these pests are not treated properly they may cause social disturbances, physical damage and even psychological impairment. Therefore get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are some of the ways to avoid them:

Insecticidal soap – This soap is able to kill the beetles that eat your plants in your garden. A proper insecticidal soap can be made when proper amount of castile soap is added to proper amount of water. You need to spray this soap on all plant species. This won’t harm them and would kill the beetles. But remember that killing of all beetles in your garden is not good as some of them will prove to be beneficial for your plants. Killing of all beetles will only lead to ruining your garden and not saving them from beetles.

A clean house leads to healthy living – Cleanliness is next to godliness. A clan house and body keeps our health good. A clean house avoids the infestation of pests indoors. There are certain pests who feed on your carpets, furniture, couches, etc. carpet beetles are one amongst them. Use of insecticide, washing of carpets, vacuuming your house, use of boric acid solution can help you to get rid of these house pests. But if your house is neat and clean this problem of pests will be solved much before.

Beetle traps – Beetle traps are of various form, size and shape. But most of them are not effective in getting rid of pests. In-fact some of them attract more pests rather than killing them. This leads to greater infestation. If you still want to use it than take the advice of an expert and get a look of various traps and then you select one trap for your house beetles.

Milky spore – This is generally used to control Japanese beetles. This powdered form pest control attacks beetles and passes on deadly infection to them. This eventually leads to the death of the beetle. The use of this can be a good way to control Japanese beetles.

Confusion might arise on how to differentiate beneficial beetles from non beneficial ones. If this is the case then take the help of the experts and then use the above mentioned measures.