How To Get Rid of Birds Nest

Birds, like everyone knows are very beneficial. They control the growth of pests and insects which indirectly helps us. They also aid in pollination of plants. They brought about the best discovery of flying. It opened up mans imagination. Birds were used to send letter in previous days. Thus you may see that birds are very useful.

Birds make their nest to lay their eggs and grow their young ones. This do not cause any harm to us. But at times these nests become a source of frustration when they are laid near your house.

They become the source of frustration due to the following reasons:

When they are placed at front of your house: when you are up to selling your house and you find a birds nest is comfortably placed in front of or above your door, then this scene may upset your buyers. In-fact you might even end up not selling your house.

When the nest is placed near your window: if it’s near your window then you may find the young ones of the birds chirping all day and night which will definitely irritate you. Although it is always pleasant to hear birds chirping in bright day sun but when it becomes continuous and doesn’t stop you would feel like killing the bird.

When they get in the way of your day to day living: all mothers are worried about their young ones and so also is the case with the birds. When the mother is over protective, then it may attack any opponent coming near to its young ones however big it is and if the birds nest is just in front of your door and they expect yourself to be attacked by the bird almost daily.

Birds may even mess up your TV antennas.

Ways to get rid of birds nest

Remove the nest by your hands:

The best and the easiest way to get rid of this nest is to climb where this nest is placed and then remove it physically. But make sure that there are no eggs placed in the nest as removing nest with eggs is against Migratory bird treaty act. Also make sure that the bird is not inside the nest otherwise you will harm yourself.

Get a pet:

A pet like dog or cat can drive away the bird. After this you can shift the nest to a nearby place like to the top of a tree or somewhere else where the bird can see its nest.

Put an artificial owl or cat statue:

Birds fear owl or cat. Seeing them they make their nest some where far away from these birds. You can even use an artificial owl or cat which makes their sound. This will surely drive away the birds from your house and you no more will face the problem of bird nest.

Thus the above ways can help you in getting rid of birds nest. But remember not to destroy the nest.