How To Get Rid of Black Flies

A black fly is known by its various names like turkey gnat, buffalo gnat and even white socks. Black flies look like mosquitoes. There are large number of species of black flies almost around 1800 of which 11 are extinct. They are short insects which basically fee on the blood of humans. The male flies feed on nectar. They have got small legs and antenna and are black in colour.

These flies are responsible for spreading of many diseases onchocerciasis or even river blindness. These diseases enter the body through the bite of these flies. Thus it is necessary to get rid of them.

These flies are generally found near rivers and streams as their larvae need the running water for the completion of their life cycle. They may attack in hundreds. In certain areas the infestation of black flies has grown to such an extent that almost all the cattle’s in that area have died of their infestation.

Bite by the black fly causes pain, itchiness and strong numbness. They also are successful in carrying blood borne pathogens. The diseases related to black flies are not so common among humans but still there can be blood problems due to these flies.

Here are certain ways to get rid of black flies. Getting rid of them at the earliest will help to avoid many diseases and infestations.

  • Make use of BTis in rivers and streams: This will help to reduce the population of black flies there.
  • Chemical and physical black fly control: the elimination of black flies should be treated very seriously as they are the ones who bring about many dreaded diseases. Here are certain ways which will help you in their elimination process:
  • Pyrethrin: this is basically an insect killer. This provides you with the immediate but temporary relief from the black flies. This chemical should not be a threat to human being. However like any other chemical it should be used cautiously. Make proper use of them. However it is thought that cats are particularly sensitive to this chemical. So keep your pet away from this.
  • Make use of insect repellents: insect repellents are highly useful in getting rid of these flies. Just make sure that whichever repellent you choose should have high concentration of DEET. DEET is the most active ingredient of insect repellent. Some of the products which contain high proportion of DEET are muskol, sawyer maxi DEET and cutter max 100.
  • Use light colour clothes: black flies generally get attracted to darker shades. According to some experts wearing clothes of lighter shades will keep these insects away from you as you won’t be noticeable to their eyes. However this is not proved by any scientist but this is just an assumption. Wear proper attire when you go out.
  • Make use of head nets: head nets are probably the most effective physical control of black flies for your immediate personal space. These nets are comparatively cheap and there is a wide range of them available in the market.

Thus the above ways will help you get rid of these black flies.