How To Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders

The name Black Widow Spider was derived as they are black in color with red or orange hourglass shape on its back. They are not very famous and are also very shy in nature. Black Widow Spiders are nocturnal in nature so you will usually find them coming out in dark and that’s were they dwell. However, they have powerful venom, stronger than a rattlesnake’s, a cobra’s or even a coral snake’s venom. They are also called as hour glass or shoe button spider. There are two types of Black Widow Spiders. One male and the other one female. Normally the female ones are bigger than the male ones and they can grow as much as one and half inch with their legs and the males are almost half their size. Female Black Widows hardly eat male black widows after mating. The color of the female black widow is more bright then the male ones.

Since their venom is poisonous you need to get rid of them immediately once you find them, especially if you have a kid or elderly person at home. There are very few chances of a person getting killed due to its bite, but you would feel very uneasy and the level of discomfort would be high. It may also result into heart attack. The male black widow spider hardly bites but the female ones are very possessive about their eggs. So if they feel that someone is going to disturb their eggs they bite the person in front of them. Their venom is classified as a neurotoxin, meaning the venom would first attack the nervous system of the victim attacked.

Below are some measures to get rid of them:

1. Make sure your house is sealed – One should always keep a check on the holes and cracks at one’s place because they are the only places where the spiders can enter. Also one should ensure that there are always screens on your windows because they tend to enter through them most of the time. If you find any holes, try to seal them with cement.

2. Clean the inside and the nearby surroundings of your home – If you find any spider webs around your house try to clean that portion first and the surrounding area as that’s the first place to start with. Keep a check on those places because they might come again. Always ensure that you were boots and gloves while cleaning those remote places just to protect yourself from their poisonous bites.

3. Keep it away from insects – Insects are spider’s favorite food and if your home is full of them then there are bright chances of spiders entering your home. If there are no insects they won’t have any food. Instead use other insecticides and repellents to get rid of Black Widow Spider.

Hence if the above measures are taken care off you can easily get rid of the dangerous Black Widow Spider.