How To Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bug basically derived its name from the boxelder tree. They love the juice that comes out of that tree. They get themselves feed on the sap of this tree only. Thus they are also known as Boxelder beetles. These bugs basically don’t harm anyone rather they can cause you headaches if they fall from the tree. They more often stay in the walls of your house. They also make your house by leaving behind their feces. Thus to save your house from getting dirty you need to get rid of them. These bugs more often come during autumn season.

Below are some useful tips to get rid of these Boxelder Bugs

1. Plant only male Boxelder trees – Normally these bugs have an affinity for female Boxelder trees. Thus if there are only male Boxelder trees in the surrounding there are no chances of getting these bugs around.

2. Collect them by hand – Wear gloves and collect these bugs one by one and put them in a big container. You can either squeeze them or throw away from your house at some far away place. Be careful that they do not touch your skin as that may cause you bit if irritation.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner – Vacuum cleaners are the best and easiest way to get rid of these Boxelder bugs. Vacuum cleaners can easily suck them in their containers. You just need to put your vacuum cleaner in the place where you find these bugs hiding themselves that is over the carpets and furniture. Also use it in the corners of your house and the couches as they also hide there.

4. Use insect spray – Insect sprays are useful in killing most of the pests. Mixture of laundry soap and water can act as a substitute to these. Along with these bugs it may also be used to kill termites and cockroaches.

5. Try boric acid – Boric acid is very useful in killing many insects. Not only it kills almost all kinds of insects but it is also safe to use as it causes no harm to your pet or you yourself. But remember not to pour too much of this acid on your coloured fabrics as it may lead to discolouration of your fabric.

6. Call pest control agent – If you do not wish to do any of the above on your own you can always take help of a professional pest control agent to do it for you. They specialize in it so they are more capable of doing the job smoothly. And for that you need not invest into buying any equipment. They would just charge a nominal fee and you can easily get rid of them.

The other ways to get rid of these bugs are to keep your house clean, seal all holes and cracks of your house, wash your carpets thoroughly, and trap them in jar and so on. Thus by using the above techniques you can easily get rid of them.