How To Get Rid of Bugs

There are two types of Bugs, first the actual bugs and secondly some insects which we called as bugs such as aphids, cicadas, and leaf hoppers. Though they are of great help to our ecosystem but can be nuisance if found in large numbers at your home. Again the general bugs are categorized into: Stinging bugs, Blood sucking bugs, parasitic bugs, bugs that hunt on food and nesting bugs. There are different techniques to get rid of them.

1. For stinging bugs

Stinging bugs are none other but hornets, wasps and bees and you can easily get easily rid of them by simply spraying bugs repellent. The best thing about them is they sleep at night. So you can easily go to them and spray the repellent. Please ensure that you wear thick clothing because if they attack you are safe. 

2. For blood sucking bugs

Blood sucking bugs are none other but mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, and gnats. They are a big threat to humans as they suck their blood and some of them also spread diseases. They normally prefer to stay in dirty environment. So by keeping your house clean and by regular dusting you can avoid them as well. Chiggers are mostly found in woods. So don’t forget to apply DEET on your skin when you planning to go there.

3. For parasitic bugs

Parasitic bugs are none other but head lice, fleas, dust mites, and bed bugs. It is difficult to get rid of them because they are small in size. Bed bugs are found in the mattress so by regularly dusting them you can get rid of them and for lice and fleas personal care and shampooing treatment is needed.

4. For bugs that hunt on food

Bugs that hunt on food are none other but house flies, fruit flies, spiders, and cockroaches. The best remedy to avoid them is to keep your house clean and cover the food in an air tight container. They love moist area so try to keep the kitchen dry.

5. For nesting bugs

Nesting bugs are none other but crickets, earwigs, silverfish, moths, boxelder bugs, lady bugs, and termites. They are more dangerous as they don’t feed on food but tend to live in your attic and furniture. You can use boric acid to get rid of them. If it’s not effective then you take help of professional.

6. Simply squish them

Though this is time consuming but if the bugs are not in large numbers then you can easily squish them with your hands. Don’t do it with your bare hands as their juice might irritate your skin causing itching.

7. Take help of pest control agents

If you are not able to deal with the bugs then can always take help of pest control agents as they specialize in it. Since they have proper training they can carefully deal with it. If not then you can always ask them for tips to get rid of bugs. They would charge a nominal fee for their services.