How To Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

If you come across any holes in your furniture say doors, windows, walls please ensure that there is no carpenter bee inside. Carpenter bees look very similar to bumblebees. There are two types of carpenter bees one male carpenter bee and the other is female carpenter bee. Male carpenter bees generally do not harm as they don’t have stingers but female carpenter bees do have. If you annoy the female carpenter bees then they may sting you. It is difficult to differentiate between a bumblebee and a carpenter bee. The only difference is that the carpenter bees have black belly.

Carpenter bees are not as dangerous as termites since both of them damage furniture. They just excavate it rather than eating it. Woodpecker’s favorite food is carpenter bee. So if you notice their nest around your home then beware that you need to get rid of them. Getting rid of them is not a big deal but to find their burrow is a difficult task.

Below are some options for getting rid of carpenter bees

1. Cover their burrow

Generally carpenter bees prefer to make their burrow where it is moist and the wood is old. So the first task is to find it and cover it with some cement, caulk or something through which they cannot pierce out. Make sure that it is spread evenly. Once you cover the burrow they would never come out of it as because that is not their nature.

2. Use vacuum cleaner

Everyone has a vacuum cleaner at their home and it is easy to operate it. As soon as you notice the burrows try to keep its nozzle near its entrance and switch it on. It would be easily sucked in without creating any fuss. This method is so easy that even your kid can do it without any harm. Make sure that the attachment you use is small in size as it should directly go inside the burrow. They are not aggressive by nature but if anyone tries to damage their home they may get violent and sting you. So beware of them.

3. Spray insecticide

Spraying of insecticide is also one way of getting rid of carpenter bees. It can be either done by you or you can take the help of a professional. It should be sprayed directly into their nest and make sure that they have it. While doing it be careful that you are wearing gloves and something really thick to protect yourself from the female sting.

4. Seal the holes

Always ensure that there are no holes in your furniture because if they find the entry they would start building up their colonies inside. They can build as much as 10 feet in length burrow. The holes can be sealed with carpenter’s glue or putty.

These pests are usually seen only during spring and summer season. So keep a check during those days. Thus by using the above techniques you can easily get rid of the carpenter bees.