How To Get Rid of Cat Dander

Everyone loves to keep a pet at their home and the most common ones are either a dog or a cat. Cats are so pretty to look like. Also they are very intelligent and their maintenance cost is relatively less. They tend to keep your home surrounding peaceful and quiet. But it’s not that easy as most of the people say around 25 per cent of them have Cat Dander problem. But lots of us are just not aware of what Cat Dander is. It is basically a material that comes out of cats which is very similar to human beings dandruff. It generally comes out from the skin, saliva and fur of cats. The main allergen in cat dander is called Fel d1, which is found in cat’s urine and other secretion. The warning signs of the Cat Dander Allergy are skin rashes, throat infection, breathing problem, continuous sneezing, red and itchy eyes and so on.

Below are some measures but the best way to get rid of them is to get rid of that pet only, that’s what maximum doctors advise. But that’s not the case now as you can still keep them close to you without getting allergic. You just need to be meticulous in keeping them and your home clean.

1. Keep your pet out of your bedroom – All of us spend most of the time in bedroom, so keeping them out would help you to be less allergic to cat dander. They are the favorite place for cats to rest but once you keep them out they would be used to it.

2. Bathe and brush your cat regularly – Cats hate water but if you make them bathe regularly they would get used to it. Please ensure that you have their claws clipped so they do not harm you otherwise their scratches could be painful.

3. Get rid of your carpets – Cat dander mostly occurs when you don’t wash your carpet regularly. Since entire day they keep on jumping and walking on that carpet there are high chances of the cat dander compounds falling into them. So make a habit of cleaning them at least once in a week.

4. Use Vacuum Cleaner – You can easily get rid of them using a vacuum cleaner as it helps in absorbing dust and thus making your house clean. One should ensure that the vacuum has a HEPA filter. Vacuum those areas first where the cat hangs out most of the time.

5. Keep yourself clean – Always wash yourself thoroughly after playing with your cat specially your hands and legs. Never allow your pet to go near your face as that’s the most sensitive part of your body which is allergic to cat dander.

6. Take allergic injections – The best way to get rid of it is to consult a doctor and get just one monthly shot and after few years you will get completely rid of it.

Thus if the above steps are followed you can easily get rid of cat dander.