How To Get Rid of Cat Spray

Cats along with being clever and smart are very clean animals. They keep themselves neat and clean. Infact they even clear up their mess, so you find any stinking odour of theirs. Cats like us also communicate but not verbally. They have found a new way of communicating known as spraying which is a natural process of non verbal communication.

Cat spraying is the process where one cat communicates to other about the boundary of their area so that other cats do not enter it. In this process cat spray a mixture of urine and pheromones on areas which belong to them. Thus when other cat passes by he smell that area and avoids it as it belongs to other. It also attracts cats of opposite sex for mating. In simple words cat spray is nothing but a cat doing pee on your carpet. The only difference is that the cat spray is more intense and it lasts for a long time. Its is a bit difficult to get rid of it.

cat sprayThe process of cat spraying is normally done by male cats. Infact they purposely do it around your house if you have a female cat as pet. Male cat can smell female cat from far away. This is because the female cat will smell the spraying and get attracted to the male cat.

Cat spray is a huge problem as it stinks very badly. And if it is allowed to remain, the case might worsen. Some people with sensitive noses may even want to puke after smelling this bad odour. It is not so easy to remove this odour. Even if you are able to get rid of it, you might not have eliminated the complete odour. Some odour still might be left. Therefore it is necessary to get rid of it.

Ways to get rid of this odour

Cat spraying is done by adult cats and not kittens. If you spay or neuter your cat when it is a kitten then you will not have to face the problem of cat spraying but if you don’t neuter your kitten you will have to face this problem of cat spraying for the rest of your life. Here are certain ways to get rid of cat spray:

  • Make out the areas where your cat hang outs the most. This probably might be the area of cat spray. Clean the spots before it begins stinking
  • If cat has sprayed just few minutes before then immediately wash it warm water and soap. Also brush the spot so that you get rid of all the remnants.
  • If the case is bigger than this i.e. it stinks more badly then you will have to use certain chemical solutions.
  • Let the chemical or the cleaning agent remain for a day so that it completely gets rid of the smell.
  • Do not allow your cat to come in that area again till the cleaning process completes otherwise it may spray again in that area making your efforts futile.
  • Let the area dry and if you still smell the stink then repeat the process.