How To Get Rid of Centipedes

Centipedes always crawl on the floor as they are creepy but are not dangerous to humans. They might bite you only in case of self defense. Most of the centipede’s jaws are so weak that they can’t even pierce your skin and if at all they bite you it would just look like a bee sting.

If they are at your home its good because they keep away insects like termites, roaches, bedbugs and silverfish, as they feed on them. But in most cases they are not liked because of their looks. Below are some ways through which you can get rid of them.

1. Simply squish them

The easy way to get rid of them is by squishing them. The thing is you cannot catch them so fast. As they have several legs they tend to walk fast. But with the help of your shoe or some big object you can still manage to squash them. The plus point is that they don’t breed frequently. So if you can see just two or three centipedes roaming around and if you only target those then you are rid of them. Don’t try to squish them with your bare hands as their juice can cause you some skin infection. Wear gloves if you are planning to squish them with hands.

2. Spray Insecticide

If you can’t squish them then the easy option is to poison them. Any centipede repellent can be used and sprayed once you see them. They are readily available in the market. Since there are just few of them this technique definitely works.

3. Use jar to trap them

If you are animal lover and don’t wish to kill any insect then just use a jar to trap them. Centipedes are that way good for your home. Use a big jar and trap them and throw them far away from your place from where they cannot trace your home back.

4. Keep your kitchen clean

The main reason for any insect to be at your place is food. If you start keeping your kitchen clean by storing grains in proper place, keeping leftover in proper air tight containers and keeping the kitchen dry insects like spiders, roaches, bedbugs and silverfish would never enter your place. Thus if there is no food for centipedes they would also avoid coming at your place.

5. Seal all the holes

Centipedes usually come from outside that is through your windows or cracks in the wall. Try to seal them with proper sealant. Thus if they don’t have space to come in they would not be seen.

6. Ask for professional service of some exterminator

If you can’t deal with centipedes then you can always hire the service of a professional who will provide you with some guidance by charging a nominal fee. They can deal with it in a better way then you can as they are provided training on them.

Thus with the help of above measures you can get rid of centipedes.