How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most adaptable living organisms on the planet and are most efficient. These unsightly creatures are large and banes homeowners around the world. The following advice will guide you through the steps of eliminating a cockroach infestation in your home.

Distribution of the Cockroach Population

For the thousands of cockroach species, the measures to control population are basically the same so it is not necessary to determine the particular species living in your home. First, you need to locate where cockroaches are congregating and about how many of them there are. The most effective and easy way is to use traps to monitor cockroach populations. Traps are inexpensive and readily available at your hardware store or make your own trap. To do so, put together a quart sized mason jar and coat petroleum jelly on the inner rims so the cockroaches cannot escape. Be sure to place traps throughout your house such as on shelves, cabinets, bathrooms, or under furniture. Check the traps every 24 hours to see if and how many were captured. Move empty traps to areas where they are most prevalent and also other areas to see if they can be gathering in other places as well.

Eliminate the Cockroach’s Sources
Cockroaches will eat any food that is available, but they do prefer eating carbohydrates and also consume any type of plant. The most important thing is to protect your food properly because cockroaches can eat through cardboard, brittle plastics, and paper so any food that may be stored in this material are at risk for contamination. Invest in glass containers with tight fitting lids or hard plastic storage options and immediately put in any food you otherwise have in boxes or bags. Taking care of your kitchen is also important so cleaning up before preparing food is a must, and make sure to sweep often. Don’t leave grease stains or food residue to accumulate in ovens or on top of your stove. Dispose of waste properly in sealed bags and if containers become soiled, use bleach solution and soak it for at least a few hours.

Roach-Proofing Shelters, Breeding Grounds, and Entries

Cockroaches typically prefer moist and dark areas, meaning they can be often found hanging out inside electrical equipment or outlets, around stoves or near leaking pipes. You must be thorough with your inspections because roaches can squeeze through crack as small as 1/5”. Roach-proofing can include clearing out any decaying matter such as dead leaves or weeds. Also pay attention to unprotected and open ducts, drains, and vents. Place screens behind all vents and seal the edges with silicone caulk. Also consider getting insecticidal dusts if traps and sealing does not work effectively. Poisons for cockroaches such as diatomaceous earth can kill by damaging the roach’s exoskeleton then dehydrating them. Other methods like steam cleaning can also rid of roaches that are hiding in crevasses. Beware to stay away from foggers which may be ineffective and just a lazy effort to rid of these pests.