How To Get Rid of Crayfish

Crayfish belongs to the family of decapods crustaceans like lobsters and prawn. But one should remember that they are not lobsters or prawns , as one would mistaken them to be. Crayfish are also called as crawfish or crawdads. The following features of crayfish will describe it better:

  • Crayfish body consists of 19 segments in all
  • Its body is divided into two main parts. The cephalothorax houses the vital organs, and the abdomen which helps the crayfish to swim and crawl.
  • Their height is usually 3 inches. Although you can find some of them longer than that too.
  • Crayfish have two claws which are not of the same size. That is they are uneven.

Crayfish reside in fresh water. You may find their habitats situated in North America, particularly in southeastern United States. You may also find them in china, Mexico and turkey. Crayfish are the promoters of good environment. Although some may even live in polluted environment. Certain types of crayfish multiply so fast that they turn out to be pests which are harmful. Crawfish burrow themselves in streams and rivers certain types burrow themselves in lawns and garden ponds. Crayfish are capable of spreading the disease named crayfish plague and bring about ecological imbalance.

Ways to Get Rid of Crawfish

1. Contact wildlife authorities

If you are fed up with crayfish infestations it is better to call up your nearest wildlife authorities rather then using some chemicals to kill them. The chemicals will not only cause you too much cost but also bring about ecological imbalance. Therefore it is always good to call up wildlife authorities as they can provide you with the better solutions than this. The only thing is provide them with all the possible details about crayfish. Infact it would be good if you show one of the crawfish situated in your lawn to them. This would help them to give you accurate suggestion as to what needs to be done.

2. Don’t use chemicals

Some people think that chemicals are the best way to get rid of crayfish. It may be true but it also disturbs and destroys the native environment. They pollute water and ecosystems. Not only this, chemicals will also cost you too much and it also requires experience and expertise to use them properly.

3. Use crayfish traps

Another way to get rid of crayfish is to use crayfish trap. Crayfish trap looks like a meshed cylinder which is made up of steel and high strength plastic. Its one way door allows the crawfish to come inside it but restricts it to go out. Crayfish traps can hold up to 15 to 20 pounds of crayfish, although there are certain traps which hold around 40 pounds of crayfish. Crayfish traps are always a better option than chemicals and are also as effective as them.

4. Don’t set crayfish to the wild

If you have got one crayfish yourself than do not leave it in rivers or non native habitat as they can kill other crayfish, fish and animals in it. It is better to sacrifice it rather than to keep it.