How To Get Rid of Crickets

Crickets are an amazing creature but they can also be pesky for a number of reasons, especially when they get into the home. Their high-pitched chirping can keep you awake for hours but that is only one side of it. They are well known for the damage that they can do with their sharp mandibles. They get their teeth into anything from socks, gowns, paper, walls and everything in between. Of course, they can also get into your food cupboards, which is even more of a disaster. There is also the case in which a female lays thousands of eggs that hatch and that is something that you don’t want to deal with.

There are a number of ways that you can use to get rid of the crickets and some work better than others and is of course a personal choice as to which one you would prefer.

Sprays and Chemicals: There are many bug sprays on the market, some are general and some are made for crickets. These can be applied where you see or hear the crickets but these are also dangerous to humans so you are advised to read the labels before using them.

Bait: This is considered to be a little more passive. All you have to do is leave the bait around for the crickets to find it. You have to make sure that the pets and children do not get into the bait because it can be toxic. You can however make a homemade solution with molasses diluted in water if you don’t want the toxins in your home. Make sure you clean the glass of diluted molasses because the crickets will drown and the sight is not a nice one.

Traps: These should be used outside of the home so that the crickets won’t get into the home. They are best when placed near windows, doors, and small crevices where crickets can enter the home.

Professional Pest Control: There are times when crickets get out of control. This might be the time for pest control. This is generally done by the professionals but there are different methods so it would be a wise idea to check out these methods and choose the right one for your situation.

Making the Home Cricket-Proof

If your home is easily infested by crickets then it won’t matter how many or what type of chemicals you use to get rid of them because they will come back. You need to cricket-proof your home. To do this, keep the plants around your home trimmed, keep the garden clean of debris and garbage and place low-light bulbs outside of your home.