How To Get Rid of Daddy Long Legs

Often Daddy Long Legs are misunderstood as spiders because that’s how they look like. But that is not the case. However they neither belong to any spider category nor any insects but they are known as Phalangida. Normally the body of spider is divided into two parts say thorax and the head. However the body of Daddy Long Legs is divided in three parts says abdomen, thorax and the head. These little creatures are harmless and they would never cause you any harm. You can allow them to roam around your body without causing any kind of allergy to you. But since everyone is scared of insects below are some easy ways to get rid of them.

Some Measures To Get Rid of Them

1. Squeeze them

Daddy Long Legs don’t walk fast as in they crawl really slow. Thus you can get easily hold of them and squeeze them with your foot or with some hard newspaper. Once they are dead you can wipe the surface with a disinfectant.

2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The easiest way to get rid of them is by using a Vacuum Cleaner. Simply place the head of the vacuum cleaner near the insect and suck it inside the nozzle. This will not only help to get rid of Daddy Long Legs but also other insects that normally are stuck to your carpet.

3. Use an Insect Spray

Generally an insect gets killed by using an Insect Spray. Spray it in those areas where they are usually seen. It would also help you to get rid of other insects such as fleas and termites.

4. Use Sticky Traps

These are available in market in different colors and sizes. Thus you can place any one of them in your house and remove it only when it catches something. As the name reads this traps have some sticky substance through which the insects gets trapped. Thus you will not only get rid of Daddy Long Legs but also insects like ants and cockroaches.

5. Locate the entrance

The first and foremost step is to locate the place from where these devils enter. If you found any hole then try to seal it with some hard wood or cover it with cement. Then any of the above techniques can be used.

6. Keep your home clean

The best and the easy step to get rid of them are to keep your home clean. If there is nothing for them at your place they would never enter your home. Try to use an insecticide regularly to keep your house clean and away from insects.

7. Sprinkle Borax around your home.

Borax is nontoxic but you still need to wear gloves while spraying it. It doesn’t cause any kind of harm but it is better to take precaution before spraying it. Sprinkle it in areas where Daddy Long Legs usually roam around. They are comparatively cheap and are easily available in the market.

Thus you can easily get rid of them using the above measures.