How To Get Rid of Deer

Deer tend to spend a lot of time on the edges of tree stands and forests and for this reason, they are considered an edge species. They feed on spouts and shoots that are still not grown that are on the outline or perimeter of forests. Since there is not enough sunlight at the centre of forests for these young plants to grow, they are mostly located at the edge of forests because of the amount of light. This as a result, attracts the deer.

There is yet another reason why these creatures are called an edge species. This is because when they are caught nibbling on your plants, they can easily run into the forest to prevent any further danger to themselves.

Since there are always edges of forests, there is no lack of food for these animals but the deer population is growing and there doesn’t seem to be any means of control for it. There are also limited numbers of animals such as wolves and coyotes around that feed on the deer therefore allowing the population to grow even further.

If you have a problem with deer coming around your yard, there are some methods that you can try. These tips work for different species of deer so the result that you have may depend on the method and the deer.

Prevention at It’s Best

Fence Power: The powered fence is a good alternative to a regular fence that would need to be at least ten feet tall. These powered fences can be a very good deterrent to the deer but children and other people need to be warned about it and pets kept away from it.

Tree Tubing: You can protect your trees by placing tubing around them. Deer like to rub their antlers against the trees to molt them and this can cause the tree to die or it can stunt their grown. You can purchase special tubing to protect the tree against this or you can use cut down drain pipe.

Row Covers: These items are used to protect plants. They are draped over the tops of the plants and trees. It can be made from chicken wire, stakes and fencing and made into small cages. These should be placed securely in the ground because deer can push them over.

Deer Repellents: There are various forms of deer repellents including the electric, contact and area repellent. The electric repellent works to scare the animal, the contact repellent is sprayed on the plants and repels because it tastes horrible, and the area repellent is in the form of powder, granules and so on, and smells horrible and repels the animal in that way.

While deer can be destructive, they are also priceless creatures like any other. It is not necessary to kill or hurt the animal to get it off of the property.