How To Get Rid of Ear Wigs

Ear wigs have been the topic for a few different urban legends and while in reality they don’t live up to these tales, they certainly can be an annoyance and their bite painful. Their bite is not poisonous however and they don’t transmit disease like other insects do. Ear wigs have commonly been mistaken for beetles and cockroaches but the distinction is made through the pincer-like tails.

Eliminating Ear Wig Spots

Ear wigs go for the dark and damp spots in the house so if you have ear wigs, then those places should be checked first. They like to go near the foundations of homes where there is a lot of moisture. You can eliminate these hot spots for ear wigs by getting rid of as many dark and moist areas in the house as possible. Clean up the wet newspapers, the rags and so on. Keep your foundation dry with an overlaying border of pebbles and help the drainage. Direct the gutters away from the house.

Repairing Cracks

Ear wigs always originate from somewhere and often times this place is the little cracks in the house. Many times these cracks go unnoticed by people living in the home, but for the ear wig, it is the perfect spot. You are recommended to check around the house very thoroughly and repair these cracks with sealant or silly putty, and even with caulk and weather stripping.

Placing Ear Wig Traps

Ear wig traps are meant to look attractive to the creatures so things that catch their attention like wet newspapers. Leave this item overnight and the ear wigs will make it their place to stay. It can then be placed in a plastic bag, sealed and thrown out. Apples make traps more attractive so can be added for extra temptation.

Using Boric Acid

Boric acid is generally safe to humans but is used to kill insects. This substance can be placed in the areas where you find the ear wigs or where you think they are coming from. The boric acid will only work however if the ear wigs go directly through the substance.

Keeping Clean

Sometimes there are spots where you will find many ear wigs and this is when the vacuum cleaner comes in handy. You may have to be quick because the ear wigs will scatter, but you can catch a lot with fast hands and this machine. If you find any white round eggs, be sure to get those as well.


There are times when prevention goes a long way and this is one of those times. Moving furniture and other things around on a regular basis can help as well as taking out the trash. With all of these methods, plus prevention, ear wigs won’t stay around for very long.