How To Get Rid of Garden Moles

Garden moles are cute little creatures that have a habit of making tunnels in the garden or pushing rocks around that can potentially harm the garden or equipment that is sitting there. These creatures are almost blind but it doesn’t stop them from getting to where they are going. Since they spend a lot of time under the ground, they don’t use them much anyway.

Unfortunately, these furry critters have the potential to damage other things aside from the garden and equipment like such things as the drainage systems. Also, with the tunnels that they build, weasels can access the territory which is another story altogether.

Moles aren’t all bad as their digging helps to aerate the soil and because they eat invertebrate animals, they don’t eat the plants. They can however make your garden into an eye sore because of the mounds of dirt that they push up aside from the damage that they can cause.

Getting Rid of the Issue

Because garden moles are not social creatures, there is good news and that is that you only have to get rid of one of them to end the problem.


You can find out which tunnel the mole uses by ruining a part of it and see if the animal fixes it. When it does repair the tunnel, that is the tunnel that you need to put the trap in. You don’t necessarily have to use a trap because you can often catch them with a shovel. You can also use a mouse trap because they are about the same size as a large sized mouse.


When you mix castor oil, cayenne pepper with water and spray it into the tunnels, this will stick onto the fur of the creature and cause it to itch and burn. This will make the creature run from the property and not want to return.


Fox urine and human hair can act as a repellent for these creatures when they are put down into the tunnels. Castor oil can also be used as it gives the mole an upset stomach. If you want to take the route of poisoning them, you can purchase mole pellets or invest in a cat that may send them over to the next door neighbor’s yard.

Keeping them Around

Even though a mole can be destructive, they can also help the yard. They aren’t harmful to humans or pets so it might be worth it to outlast their visit too.