How To Get Rid of Geckos

No one can ever imagine of having a pet like Geckos. But what are these Geckos? They are those rubbery looking lizards that are normally stuck to the walls. The main advantage of keeping them is they keep pests away specially the dangerous looking spiders and insects that can cause you harm.

The Gecko

They are small lizards which can maximum grow upto 8 inches in size. The best example which everyone knows is chameleon which can change its color as per the surrounding. There are different types of Geckos who have different features. They basically communicate with each other by chirping sound. Their each toe has thousands of tips which help them to fit tightly anywhere. Their staple diet consists of small spiders, insects and sometimes fruits. They are found in plenty in tropical climate. They are not pretty to look at so they can drive you out of your home and they easily start multiplying. They may also leave eggs here and there making your house look dirty. So you need to get rid of them. Below are some ways through which you can actually get rid of them.

Getting Rid of the Source

1. Install Screens on Your Windows

The main entry were they basically enter your house is windows. So try to install screens on your window which would not allow them to come in.

2. Seal up Cracks

Try to locate cracks inside and outside your house as that’s where they try to enter your home. Try to seal them with cement and keep a regular check that they do not enter through the same place.

3. Scent Tactics

The simple way of getting away from them is by using mothballs. They are nothing but used to kill insects or in other words are insect repellents. They are comparatively cheaper than other repellents. They are white in color and can be easily kept anywhere as they are small in size.

4. Meow Them Away

Geckos are very much scared of cats and if you are a cat fan then you can easily get rid of them. Cats don’t help in catching them but can ensure that they do not enter your house. Always prefer to get a cat that’s young as they get disturbed if they see anything moving around. There is no guarantee that you may get rid of all Geckos but the numbers would surely reduce.

5. Be Cool

If you are really not scared of them then let them be as it is clinging on your walls. Geckos never harm anyone. In fact if you try to get close to them they would be scared and run away. On the other side they keep your house away from pests. So you need not spend on doing pest control every year. They normally like to dwell in warm places and if your home is cooler they would never enter. So try to keep your house cooler.

Thus by following the above steps you can easily get rid of Geckos.