How To Get Rid Of Gophers

Gophers might be cute in the cartoons but in real life, they can be the destroyer of gardens. They eat green vegetables faster than you could imagine unless you have seen them and they come back for more. These little creatures like to dig up damp soil which ruins the well-kept gardens that you might put all of your extra time into. They dig tunnels through the soil, make homes under the surface, and pull down the plants through the soil. They are active throughout the night and day and make a lot of effort to store food for the winter because they do not hibernate.

When gophers have established their territory, just like many other types of creatures they are extremely defensive of their ground. It is unusual to find more than one male gopher in one area and these creatures will bite when provoked or cornered. These creatures are not only territorial but very efficient. One gopher can make up to seventy mounds in one area just in one month.

In the case that you have a problem with a gopher or more in your yard, there are a number of ways to get them out of their territory and keep them out. It doesn’t necessarily include hurting them and especially not killing them but they do work.


Fencing only works to some extent because of the nature of these animals. Some types of gophers can dig up to six feet underground. It can make it more difficult however for them to get into a certain area. These are good for protecting valuable trees and shrubs and it can be made right at home. It involves the following steps:

  • Dig a trench that is two feet deep around the area
  • Line this trench with ½ inch chicken wire or mesh buried beneath the ground
  • Can use galvanized hardware cloth but must be buried 18 inches below the ground
  • Bend the bottom of the fence to a 90 degree angle pointing outwards
  • Ensure the fence is spaced two feet away from the plants
  • Place mesh tubes over newly planted seedlings
  • Ensure the fence reaches at least one foot above the ground


This is one of the methods that does end up killing the gopher and it should be done by professionals or at least professional advice should be sought. This method basically suffocates the animal in the homes they have made.