How To Get Rid of Grubs

Grubs are white worm like organism found underneath the soil. Their best food is the roots. So if your lawn is brown and wilting even if you water it everyday, you may have a grub infestation. It is better to get them out of you fields before they turn your field into deserts.

The best way to get rid of a grub is to do it systematically. This requires knowledge and understanding about what type of grubs are they and what they actually do. Although they look like worms but they resemble Japanese beetles, oriental beetles and European beetles.

How do grubs grow?

The adult Japanese beetles start their mate in June or July leaving up to 60 eggs in surrounding soil within 2 or 3 weeks. After two weeks these grubs come out of the egg depending upon the soil temperature and moisture. These grubs feed on grass routes underneath the soil for their survival in the month of august. By the month of October your lawn will start turning brown as these grubs become adult and start feeding on your plant roots thus destroying your lawn. It is waste spraying any insecticide on them as they have got high digging capacity and can hide themselves deep in the soil.

How to save your lawn from grubs

The first and foremost step to remove grubs is to confirm whether you have a grub problem or not. If there are not many in your lawn then your lawn is safe from them. But do remember that they multiply very soon. So eradicate them at their former stage itself. If there are 0 to 5 grubs than you need not treat your lawn. If they range between 6 to 9 and if your roots are strong than they can withstand the grubs very well. But if they are not strong then it is better to treat your lawns. If the grubs are 10 or more then definitely treat your lawn as grubs can do significant damage to your beautiful lawn.

The following steps need to be followed to eradicate grubs from your field:

Pesticides in august: start your process in august as the grubs are relatively small and can be destroyed easily

Bomb them with bacteria: milky spore are very good in killing Japanese beetles. They turn the grubs white and kill them.

Control them with nematodes: nematodes are parasitic worms that can kill white grubs

Modify your lawn or garden: certain beetles stick to particular host plants. So it is better to get rid of these plants and eventually get rid of grubs.

Deny them water: grubs love moist soil. So if your lawn can handle without water than don’t water it in July and august when grubs are actively feeding. This case is not applicable when your lawn is dried up.

The next you can do is to use various types of pesticides like preventive pesticide, fall pesticide and spring pesticide to kill them. Even still the grubs do not leave your lawn then live it up to nature as it will do its work in eradicating them.

Finally, if all of us maintain our lawns properly grub infestation will definitely reduce.