How To Get Rid of Hornets

Hornets can sting people and infest different spaces in your home. They can even form nests that could be even harder for you to get rid of. You have to use a few strategies if you want to get rid of hornets. This includes getting rid of the nest that you might find when hornets do come into an area.

Be Protected First

You have to start by using the right protective materials before you can do anything. You need to wear the following if you want to get rid of hornets:

  • You need enough clothes that can cover your skin. This includes long sleeve shirts, pants and gloves.
  • All your clothes must be tucked in so no hornets can get in the way of your body.
  • A respirator should be used to allow you to breathe while keeping the air circulated around your body. It’s particularly important considering how some items you use could contain harmful odors.

Use an Appropriate Spray

A good spray must be used to kill off hornets. This can help to fend off hornets and to potentially kill of hornets that do not move anywhere. The selection of hornet sprays that you can use will vary in terms of what they feature but the odds are good that you might find something that works specifically for both hornets and wasps alike.

A spray may also be used for a small nest that is not very active. Another procedure must be used in the event that the nest is too large.

Spray on Hornets

Getting Rid of a Large Nest

A hornet’s nest often accompanies hornets in a spot. Sometimes a nest can be so large that it might not be easy for you to get taken care of with a simple procedure with a spray. You have to use these steps if you are going to get rid of a nest:

  • First, you have to stay well apart from the nest. You should be at least ten feet away at all times.
  • A plastic bag should be used when collecting the nest. This plastic bag should be on a large reaching tool that can move its way towards the nest while taking in the hornets as well as possible.
  • A long knife might be required if the nest is too tightly placed in an area.
  • The bag should be tied off when it collects the nest. This must work quickly for the best results. In fact, you might have a better time with getting this handled if the bag is large enough to where the nest will be deep enough into the bag.

You have to be careful when getting hornets out of the way. You must not only get rid of hornets in an individual area but also the nests that come with these hornets. You also need to be properly protected so you can keep from being harmed by hornets in any spot.