How To Get Rid of Leaf Rollers

If you are a person who loves planting trees and plants then you better be aware of what are Leaf Rollers. They are basically small insects who eat and distort the leaves of your garden. They make the leaf look so ugly. Thus the plant life is affected because of that as they don’t completely feed themselves on one leaf. With proper chemical treatment you can get rid of them.

Types of Leaf Rollers

They are of two types – the canna leaf roller and the lesser leaf roller. The canna leaf roller basically only feeds on canna plants. It keeps himself rolling in a leaf and tries to eat it. The lesser leaf roller is the larva of a Geshna Cannalis moth. It just tries to spin thread like material around the leaf which causes more damage to the plant. Any types of Leaf Roller are just not good for your plants and if possible one should use strong insecticide to get rid of them. Below are some tips of getting rid of them.

1. Cut off Badly Infected Leaves

If your plant is left with good amount of healthy leaves then try to cut the damaged ones. If possible try to burn the infected leaves as they would destroy the eggs laid by the leaf roller. As the best feature of a plant is to re-grow itself cutting the bad leaves won’t harm them much.

2. Pick them off Manually

You can actually throw the Leaf Rollers away by picking them manually. Try to remove the covering of their shelter and then they can be manually picked up. Throw them away or they can also be burnt so they would not cause any further damage. But please ensure that you wear gloves while performing the above task as they may cause irritation after some time.

3. The Ladybug Treatment

The best way to get rid of them is by allowing Ladybug to crawl in your garden. That is because they basically eat all the caterpillars of your garden thus avoiding any kind of damage to your plants.

4. Chemical Solutions

They are the best solution for getting rid of Leaf Rollers as they not only keep them away but also help to maintain a clean garden. The only care which should be taken is that they should be strong. Always ensure that you wear gloves before applying any type of chemical solution to your infected plants as they are poisonous.

5. Spray fertilizers

It may not always help to kill Leaf Rollers but it would certainly help in reducing them. They also help in making the soil healthier which in other way help to keep a plant healthy. There are two types of fertilizers available in the market – Organic fertilizer and Inorganic fertilizer. It is always advisable to use Organic fertilizer as it is comparatively safer then the Inorganic one.

Thus by following the above steps you can easily get rid of Leaf Rollers.