How To Get Rid of Love Bugs

In the late spring and even in summer there is love everywhere around. There may be love in the garden, even at the bay side and everywhere. But apart from love there is one more thing that you must know and that is bugs are almost everywhere. Neither does it neither bite nor hurt you but they got into your clothes.

If at all these insects get into your house then you may try out pesticides. But they will rarely help. However, some of the following tips will really help in getting rid of love bugs.

Most of the experts will tell you that it is simply not possible to get rid of love bugs as there is just no pesticide or insecticide which can be used in your house or on the roads to keep love bugs away. It is believed that even hurricane winds can’t get these bugs out of the tree barks or from under the grass. You may just try out the following things:

If you house is sealed and protected completely then there won’t be much risk of love bugs. But that’s simply not possible. And thus, love bugs will definitely enter into your house. So, what you must do is find out the places where bugs swarm and then use soap filled bucket of water and use it for cleaning. Use insect sprays on the door. You may even use the mosquito’s candles. You may even use vacuum cleaner for cleaning your house. This is a very simple and easy way to get rid of love bugs. You may use scented detergent along with mouthwash and use this as an insect spray. Painting the house is also a very good idea. Just keep in mind that you paint the color dark.

Many people start crushing these love bugs with their feet when almost nothing works. This is something which will remove all your frustration. The problem with love bugs is that even though they do not bite they will cause some or the other destruction. When they swarm in cars, they will splatter on the hood as well as the wind shield. They are acidic in nature and so they make the color of your car removed. Also when they get clogged at the radiator the car gets overheated.

In such a case it becomes vital to use certain remedies which will keep you away from love bugs especially in your car. You may use cooking sprays at the corners and places where you find love bugs swarming. You may even rely on drier sheets so that cleaning is much simpler. You may spread baby oil on good, wind shield and other areas of the car where you feel there is more frequency of love bugs. If love bugs give you a problem and you find it hard to drive then remember that driving at night will help. Love bugs are active at night and passive in the daytime.

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